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  1. Beauty_Geek

    Make up artist discount

    Hi geeks I've come across an amazing article And I was just wondering how you fellow make up artists go about getting your discounts. I can't work out if I need a licence and where I can get...
  2. Beauty_Geek

    Amber hair glue

    Help need some amber glue for hot fusion and I've not got any! Where do you purchase yours from? And I'm halfway through a black one so how would I get it out? Going to lose a new client if I don't get my act together :( x
  3. Beauty_Geek

    LVL lashes, Warrington

    Hello geeks Are there any lovely therapists who can do lvl lashes in Warrington? Have seen the thread and desperately want them doing. Also how much would you charge? Xxx
  4. Beauty_Geek

    Latex allergy micro rings

    Hi geeks Can someone with a latex allergy have micro rings fitted? Or would it irritate? X
  5. Beauty_Geek

    Where can I get these colour extensions?

    As the title says... I'm struggling matching these to my colour ring. Any help would be greatly appreciated xxx
  6. Beauty_Geek

    Client's own hair showing at bottom

    Hi geeks I fitted my first set of hot fusion bonds yesterday. The girl was really happy and I was thrilled with the results. However she's contacted me today to say you can see where her hair finishes the back on the bottom. I don't really know what to do. I can't think how I can easily...
  7. Beauty_Geek

    Creating 'streaks' with extensions

    Hi geeks Just got someone booked in for some extensions next week. Going to go and do my consultation over the weekend but she wants caramel streaks going through her brown hair. Have recommended that she dyes it Before fitting extensions but she's decided to just have caramel strands fitted...
  8. Beauty_Geek

    Platinum blonde hair extensions!

    ASAP!! Need a supplier that will supply platinum blonde hair extensions (client saying 60) whatever that means to you hair geeks. Pref sjk as I have their colour ring but not to hand or something similar standard similar price xx
  9. Beauty_Geek

    Alan Howard opening times

    Does anyone know if Alan Howard's is open today? Xxx
  10. Beauty_Geek

    Advice on which website builder!

    Which website site should I use to build? Preferably one I can purchase a domain with and one where I can have etc... Xx
  11. Beauty_Geek

    Towels for couch?

    I need a pack of towels, preferably varying colours for treatments and just wondering if anyone knows where I can get some? Not too fused on quality as its just to protect my couch when I do nails and to create wrist support etc. would preferably like a pack of 5 or so... Xx
  12. Beauty_Geek

    Pamper party

    What are people's thoughts on this price list? Xx
  13. Beauty_Geek

    Beauty couch for treatments

    hi what are peoples thoughts on this couch? it will need to be a table for nail treatments, a bed for waxing, eye treatments, sp lashes snd i think thats it... xx
  14. Beauty_Geek

    Hair extension test

    Hiya geeks Is there a way of testing if hair came from a bad match or has been mistreated? I had some disgusting hair fitted a couple of weeks ago and they've said they're going to send them off for analysis. I'm more than happy if this is correct but if their pulling my leg I just wanna...
  15. Beauty_Geek

    Hair extensions gone dry and knotted after 9 days

    Hi geeks I got some extensions fitted last Saturday and they feel awful! I've not even washed them yet just my own hair as they are so knotty and dry and just awful and I don't want to make them worse. I've been oiling them twice a day. Half way through the treatment I realised they were...
  16. Beauty_Geek

    How close to apply micro bond weft

    As the title states how close do you apply micro bond wefts? I am trained in extensions but not this method. I had some fitted on sat with this method and they were so close to my scalp they've rubbed and created sores and scabs. Have they applied too close? Or are they supposed to be at the...
  17. Beauty_Geek

    Hair extension installation method

    Just a Quick question. I had some hair extensions fitted the other day. Im trained in them aswell but I didnt want to install myself. They fitted them with something called a micro ring weft. It involved taking a section of hair above the weft and one below and securing with a micro ring. Then...
  18. Beauty_Geek

    Happy birthday to me!

    Pffffft. It is now my birthday and my bf isn't back. I'd booked a table at Liverpool one for tonight but with my birthday being on sun he thought it was booked for sun and he'd made plans for one of those Harlem shout videos... He promised he'd be back for midnight and instead I've seen in my...
  19. Beauty_Geek

    Just wanted a moan

    I've just had micro ring wefts fitted and my head huuuuuuuuuuuurts!! Had eyelash extensions done earlier in the week so I can't even lie on my face!!! And it's my birthday tomorrow and my boyfriend double booked and has gone out :0 Just wanted to tell someone lol :) Anyone got any tips for...
  20. Beauty_Geek

    Just wanted a moan