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  1. Karen Minx

    Closing appointment book for evenings and Saturdays?

    Has anyone had to close there book for evening and Saturday appointments for new clients if so how did it go down? Is it a good/bad idea and how to word it without sounding rude or upsetting clients? I'm finding myself far too busy at the moment being booked 4 weeks in advance and new...
  2. Karen Minx

    Tinting course south west?

    Can anyone recommend a good tinting course in the south west? I trained in LVL lashes this week to only learn tinting bottom lashes isn't including in the treatment unless you are already tint qualified. I have called NBG today and they have no tinting class dates at all yet :(
  3. Karen Minx

    Let's Go! Lashes?

    I'm trying to research into this course but cannot find anything on here. Has anyone done this course and is it worth the price? I'm not lash extension qualified my main job is nails and I have recently added on HD Brows and LVL Lash onto my treatment menu has it fits into my timings quite...
  4. Karen Minx

    HD Brows mobile?

    I just qualified in HD Brows 2 weeks although I have the HD Brow chair and set up already in the salon I would like to practice after work and during my time off so I'm wondering what all the mobile HD techs use for a chair? On the course one of the trainers suggested an Indian head massage...
  5. Karen Minx

    Advise on HD Brow furniture

    I have just placed an order with Next for a black gloss chest and ornate mirror not realising that HD sell their own. :irked: Has my course isn't until next month I'm unable to log in to view prices. Could someone kindly pm the prices of these please has now I'm unsure if I made the right...
  6. Karen Minx

    HD Brow chair

    Hi guys I'm wondering if anyone could please advise regarding this chair to use for HD Brows, would it be suitable? I'm looking at this type of chair because the arms and foot rest is removalable and it could also be used has a client treatment chair if space is limited.
  7. Karen Minx

    HD Brows & Insurance

    I'm booked onto the HD Brows next month. I'm not beauty trained I'm only trained in nails and I am wondering after I've qualified if I can offer a standard brow wax/ thread/ tint aswell has the HD treatment for those clients who don't want the full treatment? I would also need insurance I'm...
  8. Karen Minx

    Micro plane 2in1 foot file?

    Just opened my foot file today to test on myself and I'm a little confused with the 2 file heads. I know ones for bi-directional use the other fir multi-directional use but do we use one or the other or both? I am thinking if we need to use both I think it would be best that I have 2 handles...
  9. Karen Minx

    Shellac remover leaking?

    My Shellac Remover leaks when I pump is it because it has oils in it or have I got a dodgy pump? I bought the black lidded menda pump and put it on the Shellac Remover bottle.
  10. Karen Minx

    Shellac Vexed Violet?

    I tried painting my Shellac Vexed Violet on myself last night, first time using it so its a new bottle and it just didn't want to play for me. It kept shrinking away from every edge of my nail. I did shake it well. So what am i not doing?
  11. Karen Minx

    Acrylic nails or liquid & powder?

    Hi guys just wondering how you all word your enhancement services on your price lists? Acrylic Nails so the public understand better or Liquid & Powder and educate clients on the difference? I'm about to redo my price list for about the 3rd time this year ready for April 6th to include Brisa...
  12. Karen Minx

    Colour pop displays

    I'm looking to get a nice colour pop display for nail art, are the original ones from S2 really worth the money? I'm looking at getting the biggest one but wow it's going to cost me a small fortune!! Does anyone own one if these bad boys or can you recommend a cheaper version but without...
  13. Karen Minx

    Gelish users and Rockstar?

    I'm interested in how you all do your rockstar using Gelish? I find that the glitter doesn't always cover the inhibition layer fully and the colour underneath shows through. I want to create full glitter without a base colour and wondering if I should use glitter on wet or cured structure...
  14. Karen Minx

    Should I be charging more for Brisa gel nails?

    At the moment I am charging the same for both CND L&P and Brisa. Im fairly new to Brisa only qualifying last year and not doing many in the salon due to l&p being more popular, so therefor I have to book out an extra half an hour just for full sets has they take me longer (I'm hoping this is...
  15. Karen Minx

    How do I get onto the new Shellac locator?

    It's really peeving me off has I keep seeing other people in my area advertising on facebook that they are now listed but I'm not on there even after updating and saving my details several times on my S2 account! And it's so confusing because when I google search for salon locator, all that...
  16. Karen Minx

    Given up using crystals in nail art!

    I just can't get them to last in Gelish/Shellac nail art! I use gelbond for crystal toes which is fine has it has a while to dry and set before top coating but for nail art on fingers it doesn't dry quickly and the gelbond gets dragged through my topcoat brush agghhh! I,ve tried without and...
  17. Karen Minx

    Nail Gaga and NSI glitters

    Does anyone know if the nail gaga dazzling glitters are the same has the NSI sparkling glitters? I have a few of the nail gaga ones which i really like but with NSI sparkling range you get more pots for your money. I'm trying to find nice glitters with a transparent appearance and with a mix of...
  18. Karen Minx

    How do you do your gel polish marbling?

    Do you do your marbling over 2 cured coats of polish or over second wet coat of gel polish? When I did my cnd nail styles class I was taught to do it over 2 cured coats but it doesn't seem to work for me! :rolleyes:
  19. Karen Minx

    Cocky eyebrow raise

    Why does the geek smiley wink looks like a cocky eyebrow raise has if raising your eyebrow in cockiness ;) or is it just me that thinks that? lol I often use the wink in ; ) form but when closed together the site puts the ;) in for you. I hate using it incase someone thinks im just being...
  20. Karen Minx

    Glitter test tubes

    Does anyone know a supplier that does glass test tubes with lids and stand other than eBay and amazon? I want a nice looking one for glitter and Swarovski storage. I've googled but only getting eBay up and all the decent ones are from the u.s x