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  1. NatalieJ

    Solar Manicures

    Hi Geeks, I just wanted some info from anyone who uses the Creative Solar Manicure range. What levels of manicure do you offer? The luxury manicure would be using all the products but do you offer different types of manicure using just the solar manicure for example and leaving out the solar...
  2. NatalieJ

    Percentage of Earnings for room?

    Hi geeks, Ive just been speaking to the owner of a new tanning place thats opened up in my area, he said there's a room I could use for nails, he would just take a percentage of my earnings for the room. Any of you had experience with this, is this a better option than a flat rate? Also I...
  3. NatalieJ

    Training for Up Do's

    Hi Everyone, I wonder if any of you know of any courses for up do's / bridal hair? And if so can you be trained to do this standalone with no other training in hairdressing? Thanks x x
  4. NatalieJ

    Nail art without a course?

    Hi Everyone, Its been a while since I posted on here as Ive been so busy with my courses since the start of the year. Anyhoo, Ive got a question about Nail Art, Ive never had it myself nor tried it on anyone as Ive always preferred the more natural and classic looks, however Im starting to...
  5. NatalieJ

    Make up Artists and Mascara?

    Hi Everyone, I hope someone on here can enlighten me! I have just started a make up course and have been getting all excited about getting a kit together! Then a question hit me about Mascara, if you are making someone up, how do you use mascara with out risk of cross infection? Is it just a...
  6. NatalieJ

    Best Books

    Hi all, Can any of you make up geeks out there recommend a good book on the art of make up? I am starting a course next week and would like to buy a book for extra reading. I have seen 'The complete guide to make up' on amazon, has anybody got this and what do you think? Thanks :hug:
  7. NatalieJ

    VTCT cosmetic make-up course

    Hey everyone, I have recently booked on the cosmetic make- up VTCT course, its over 17 weeks, just wondered if anyone on here has done it and if so what you thought? Thanks :)
  8. NatalieJ

    Nails Inc Polishes

    Hi there, Just wondered if anyone on the site uses nail inc polishes professionally? I was curious so I bought their french manicure set and did it this morning,the polishes went on great the brushes are lovely. I know they have nail bars around but I wonder if you can buy the polishes and...
  9. NatalieJ


    Hi Everyone, Just a quick question about manicures. Up until now I have only been offering one standard manicure, I am still at College so not charging full price yet. I am doing the filiing,cuticle work,soaking,massage then enamel application. I know I will eventually offer 3 different...
  10. NatalieJ

    Make-up Courses

    Hi Everyone, I havn't posted in The Skin Geek yet so its very exciting :lol: !! I have been looking into doing a cosmetic make up course at college, but I wondered if anyone knows of a professional make up company that does product training (still being qualified and insurable at the end) a...
  11. NatalieJ

    Tutor had bad info about enhancements

    Hi Everyone! Ive not been on here for a while as been away to get married and it was wonderful! Was not sure what to call this thread so hope its ok. Anyway - I started my level 2 nail treatments (manicure and pedicure) course at college this week. Someone asked the tutor a question about...
  12. NatalieJ

    Looking for a black apron,can anyone help?

    Hi Everyone! I hope someone will be able to help me, I am looking for a black apron - yes you might think its easy to get one but its not :cry: - I need quite a small one maybe with pockets or without I don't mind, like the ones that the make up artists on the make up counters wear! Ive looked...
  13. NatalieJ

    A New Star!!!

  14. NatalieJ

    Models and Rebalances

    Hi Everyone, Wasn't sure what to call this thread, but I think its appropriate! Im going to advertise for Models shortly and will be charging £15, but I was wondering how much would I charge then for Rebalances or soak offs? If I said £10 for a rebalance and £5 for a soak off? Has anyone...
  15. NatalieJ

    Interview at Salon

    Hi Everyone! I wasn't sure whether to post this in main or chit chat but decided on here! I have only ever been to interviews in an office before so was wondering what to wear for a salon interview, whether to go in my own smart clothes or to go in salon uniform? What do all you geeks do? Or...
  16. NatalieJ

    Rebalancing Problem

    Hi Everyone, I did my first whole set rebalance last night since my training and I was really disheartened. I did the set just over two weeks ago, I was pleased with how they had lasted but they needed sorting out as the nails had grown a lot and a couple of them had a bit of lifting in zone 3...
  17. NatalieJ

    Session work - my dream job!

    Hey everyone! As the title suggests my dream job would be doing models nails at a photoshoot for a magazine or campaign. Have any geeks who may have done this got any inspiring stories to tell me about how they got into it? This is a long way off for me, but I like to have my dreams to try...
  18. NatalieJ

    Calcium in Gel?

    Hi Everyone! I work with a girl who I noticed had her nails done the other day - I had a look and found out they are natural nail overlay with Gel, she went on to say that the nail tech said the gel has calcium in it which actually helps the nails grow.Now my first reaction was that its not...
  19. NatalieJ

    Where can I get Akzentz gel?

    Hi all, I know its been on here before but I just can't find the thread! I just wanted to know the website on which I can purchase Akzentz gel? Thanks a bunch :)
  20. NatalieJ

    Babtac Insurance

    Hi, Does anyone know if you can get insured with babtac with a Creative Foundation Certificate? I want to get started doing paying clients but need insurance and was thinking of sending of the babtac form that was in Scratch Magazine. Thanks :Love: