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  1. Teebster

    DD with Shellac in Harrogate

    Does anyone do Dashing Diva Nail wraps with Shellac in Harrogate. I have a client who visited friends there and their friends now want to find a therapist in Harrogate who can do them. Thanks
  2. Teebster

    15 to 20 min slots at pamper eves - what works?

    Hi can you please help me, I am asking for advice on what you feel would work best at a pamper evening at a hotel that I have the chance to do. You can take along products to sell and are asked to do pamper sessions of between 15 to 20 mins (strict timing) including any consultation and...
  3. Teebster

    Lightning Process

    Could any one please tell me if they have used the Lightning Process or do you know anyone who has used it for health reasons and did it help at all? Thanks x
  4. Teebster

    Where does a bikini wax stop/start?????

    I am currently taking a 2 year ITEC Beauty Specialist course at Adult Ed and due to take my exams and hopefully qualify in June this year. I have done my five waxing case studies at collage under assesment with our tutor and many more assessments under supervision at collage. At home I have...
  5. Teebster

    Asking for advice on how to "Control Clients"

    Yesterday was the worst working day I have ever had. Everything went wrong and I now it was my fault as I did not know how to control my clients during the treatment, but I am just so upset by what happened and have laid awake all night worrying what I should do in future. I don't think I...
  6. Teebster

    Spray Tanning Patch Tests

    Hello, I am just wondering if any of you experienced spray tanners can give me any advice and a bit of encouragement as I am feeling really, really fed up and down today. I have completed my spray tan training and currently practicing hard. What I did not realize was that no disclaimer signed...
  7. Teebster

    Help needed with Bio Sclupture infills please

    Would someone please be able to give me some advice on Bio Sculpture infills. I am taking by first Bio Sculpture assessment in November and today a lady who I have been practicing on (always toes before this set of finger nails) came up to me at the school gate and said she was unhappy with...