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  1. Bhiffy

    Crystal glass files - opinions needed

    and some advice please. Dont know much about them, have never used them. Can geeks give me a heads up on these? Are they good for the nails? Ta geeks
  2. Bhiffy

    master sculptor brushes

    are these now discontinued? The ones with the interchangeable heads? I like the snap of a new brush so im used to this one :(
  3. Bhiffy

    Scratch/CND Promotion

    Has anyone received their CND goodies yet?
  4. Bhiffy

    Airbrush books

    can anyone recommend a definitive one? Ta
  5. Bhiffy

    Eyelash extension training

    really really want to do this, ive looked around and most of the courses seem to be in London etc. Are there any in the North East of england that geeks would recommend?
  6. Bhiffy

    sick to death of broken foot

    been three months now. Stood up on foot at an awkward angle and broke the 5th metatarsal into 6 bits. Went for check today, still not healing, need to go for a ct scan and looks like they're gonna operate. i go on holiday in 8 weeks, just my luck to be going away with a nice plaster cast on...
  7. Bhiffy

    Nail Tech in Blantyre

    can someone recommend one for a friend of mine? Thanks
  8. Bhiffy

    How do you boost your confidence?

    Have a lady who keeps coming back to me but complains all the time about her nails, too long, too short, she picks at them in front of me, doesnt even realise shes doing it which leas to lifting and chipped acrylic. The fact she comes back makes me think that i cant be THAT bad but shes really...
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  10. Bhiffy


    check this out YouTube - Snowball - Another One Bites The Dust :green:
  11. Bhiffy

    moan moan whinge moan

    sick to death of this broken foot. Broke it two months ago, just went over on it and the bone shattered into 6 bits. Have to go for an osteoporosis scan next week as its not healing. Dying to be able to walk the dog or drive the car. I thought sitting around doing very little would be lovely but...
  12. Bhiffy

    Our latest addition to the family

    meet Harry. He was on his way to the cat n dog shelter when we got him, isnt he a cutie? Border terrier/jck russell cross and the sweetest dog i've ever known :D
  13. Bhiffy

    Basic nail art book

    can anyone recommend one? Thanks
  14. Bhiffy

    how do you open private messages

  15. Bhiffy

    how do you open private messages

    mine just seem to sit in my inbox and i cant do anything with them. Im I being really thick?
  16. Bhiffy

    Hello again everyone

    Been very ill for the past year but getting back to fitness now although i've now got a broken foot to contend with :) Back to my passion for nails with a vengeance tho, hope all of you are well!
  17. Bhiffy

    cant open pm's

  18. Bhiffy

    cant open pm's

    any help appreciated, i've got one pm but when i go to the inbox and click on it, nothing happens!
  19. Bhiffy

    cloudy nails help

    Hi geeks, not workin at the mo due to long term illness but decided to put a set of nails on the other night, just to keep my hand in pardon the pun) They have gone cloudy underneth where the nails were blended and further down on the pinkie. Its not pocket lifting, i havent used a tip blender...
  20. Bhiffy

    transexual hair removal

    Hope one of you geeks may be able to help, as this is way out of my comfort zone, got an email from a friend of a friend who is a pre op transexual, she has had laser treatment but still has some downy hair on her face and wonders if electrolysis is the way forward or further laser treatment...