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    Removing nail enhancements for Surgery

    Hiya, A lot of it depends on the anaesthetist. I've just had a hysterectomy and I was instructed at my consultation to remove all polish from my toes but as long as I had two nails free of enhancements it would be ok. Like you I didn't fancy going in to hospital with no nails on so I applied 8...
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    Commission split - What would be acceptable?

    Hiya, I've just picked up this thread when searching for some information. A lady who owns a hair salon locally is looking for a Nail Tech so I thought I would phone and obtain some details. When discussing whether or not it would be commission based or a table charge I was informed that it...
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    En Vogue Gel

    Hello, I've had a search for previous threads and found some information reagarding En Vogues advertising, but just out of curiosty could anybody tell me how they have found En vogue gels to work with please? Many thanks Ali xxxxxx
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    Simon's Cat

    Ahh made me laugh, my cats to a tee. Ali xxxxx
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    Disheartened with current situation

    Thank you for the advice, it is very much appreciated. :-) Ali xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Disheartened with current situation

    Hi everybody, Don't get me wrong, I'm not one to give up on anything and never have but I am feeling very disheartened at the moment. I've managed to get a table in a salon on a self-employed part time basis, (need to keep office job to pay for all my goodies at mo :)), and they advertise my...
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    Yell .com CON Beware

    "he said, that they can just change the direct debit slightly and re take money from my account". Hiya, If the Bank have been instructed to cancel the DDR and they have cancelled it correctly on what is called the Originator number then no payments should have been allowed to go through, if...
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    Potential clients mis-understanding of "Trainee"

    Hi Sorella, I can see exactly where you are coming from, unfortunately re the certificates, they do not have any certificates on display anywhere! If they did I could put about 11 up! lol Ali xxxxxx
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    Potential clients mis-understanding of "Trainee"

    I shall always be learning but that's what I love about nails,:lol::lol: Many thanks Ali xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Potential clients mis-understanding of "Trainee"

    Thank you for your replies and advice. I will mention it again to the salon owner and receptionist although last time the response was "you don't have two years experience therefore you are a trainee". Regarding the different nails, I don't wear french but other colours and the owner is...
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    Potential clients mis-understanding of "Trainee"

    Hiya, Having read previous threads could any experienced nail tech/salon owner please confirm that anybody who does not have 2 years experience is classed as a "Trainee"? I have been given the opportunity of a table in a local salon, (& will be eternally grateful), and as I do not have 2 years...
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    Nails falling off due to hand cleanser???

    Many thanks for all your replies, I have found out a little more, but why the lady in question never came back to me after problems with the first nail I'll never know. I have found out that the cleanser in the school is an alcohol based hospital antiseptic gel and that she would use it...
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    Nails falling off due to hand cleanser???

    HELP! I've just had a text message from a lady who said her nails have all come off, (confidence right at this moment = zero). I did two sets of l&P for a mother and daughter for a party and both were very pleased with the result, however! The daughter text three days later to say they were...
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    Brush storage whilst on holiday

    Many thanks for the advice and handy tip, I shall find some jars and enjoy my holiday without worrying, ( I did consider a brush sitter along with the cat and dog sitter! :):)) 8 weeks until sunny Cyprus :cool: Ali xx
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    Brush storage whilst on holiday

    Hiya, I really hope you don't mind me asking but having come across other threads about storing brushes I'm worried about how to store my brush whilst I'm on holiday for two weeks. I qualified last Oct, (CND), and since then have used my brushes not every day but on a regular basis. I store...
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    Custom col bld rebalance

    Hiya, This may seem a stupid question but I could really do with some advice please, I've had a look at previous threads but cannot find what I'm looking for. Last night I rebalanced my friends nails, she'd let them grow out for three weeks!! So that when I reduced the length there was...
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    Mobile tech in braintree essex??

    Hiya, I don't know if I can be of any help at all? I live in Braintree and I'm qualified as a Creative Nail Tech. I have sent you a pm? Ali xxx
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    Help! With using Brisa white Sculpting Gel.

    Many thanks for your advice. I have got the POW but I'm determined to crack the sculpting with white gel, thanks for the tip about the clear gel, I'm sure I'll be using it quite a lot!!! Ali :)
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    Help! With using Brisa white Sculpting Gel.

    Hiya, I've just completed my Brisa conversion course and I am having a nightmare with the white brisa gel. Having trawled through various threads and read all the literature I can find I have found the answer to one of my questions and that is that the white is not self levelling and is...
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    Hiya, I've just qualified as a nail tech and in the process of launching myself mobile and the...

    Hiya, I've just qualified as a nail tech and in the process of launching myself mobile and the only support I'm getting comes from friends. My hubbies sees it as an expensive hobby!! My sister has shown slight support! My Mum's support is waning, all the time I'm getting "well you should have...