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  1. enlivenbylouise

    Plastic bag method

    Hi i have used the search function but can't seem to find my answer so I'm sorry if this has been answered before.... Do you know if you can use the plastic bag method with gels or shellac etc? Is it safe to put the bag under the lamp? Sorry if this is a silly question. X
  2. enlivenbylouise

    I know I'm too sensitive but

    I can't help it! I posted a pic on here and on my fb Page last night of some over the top pink sparkly nail art I'd done. During the night a friend of mine had liked my fb pic, fb then shows all their friends that they've liked a pic. Woke up this morning to find that two people (don't know...
  3. enlivenbylouise

    Why do you love your life?

    Hi Geeks. Just sat here with my baby boy playing,glancing out of the windows and thinking about the lovely clients I am seeing tommorow. I love my life I'm happily married, recently moved to the country,have 3 lovely kids and my beauty business is finally starting to take off. I'm not doing...
  4. enlivenbylouise

    Safe oil for luxury pedicure?

    Hi Geeks sorry if this has been covered before but I'm on my phone and it is quite limited. Anyway in my standard manis and pedis I use a lovely hand and foot cream but now the winter is approaching again I want to offer a luxury pedicure with the addition of a parrafin wax treatment and a...
  5. enlivenbylouise

    What can I take for a stomach ache?

    Hi geeks i need help. I have two wedding make up trials today which are so important and i will not cancel them. But..... Ive been on the loo all night (sorry) and my stomachs still hurting... Is there anytjing you guys would recommend to take to get me through my day?!!! Xx Sent from my...
  6. enlivenbylouise

    New to wedding fayres

    I am doing my first wedding fayre in october. i offer wedding make up,nails tans manis pedis eye treatments freelance. i was wonderung if anyone has any tips on making a success of the fayre and if there were any ways of generatinf a bit of income on the day???!!x Sent from my GT-I9100P using...