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  1. JesseDavidNailDesign

    TPTW- Do any of you stagger appointments?

    Happy Sunday everyone! So I'm doing alot of Gelish services right now. And I'm thinking about scheduling the client for removal for the last 15 minutes of another appointment to get her wrapped up. I'm thinking that this will help in two ways. It would make a better use of otherwise idle...
  2. JesseDavidNailDesign

    New Year's Nail Resolutions

    Hi everyone, I was just curious what goals you all have for improving your business or your skills for the new year? My goal is to be able to do any typical salon service in 1 hour flat! Obviously I'm not talking about 3d nail art or stilettos, but avg P&W, colored french and all maintenance...
  3. JesseDavidNailDesign

    Looking for feedback on my website.

    Hi everyone, I have a website through Salon Builder. It's in my signature here. Would love any feedback. Thanks in advance, Jesse
  4. JesseDavidNailDesign

    Do you use a cuticle remover during prep?

    Watching the new Shellac videos, I couldn't help but notice that Cuticle Away was omitted from the prep procedure. They said for best adhesion, don't use C.A. on most clients. Is this their recommendation for all treatments now? I was just wondering, because I had 2 clients today that I...
  5. JesseDavidNailDesign

    Treatment Menu and Description- would love any feedback!

    This will be for the website, and I'll have a pricelist at my station. Sorry if this belongs in the Biz Geek Section. Would love any feedback! Natural Nail Care: Spa Manicure - Hands are cleansed, nails expertly shaped, and all dead cuticle is gently and thoroughly removed from the nail...
  6. JesseDavidNailDesign

    How do you set your prices in a booth rental situation?

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering what your experience has been with this. I'm going to be renting space in a salon with another nail tech. Has anyone tried going in higher or lower? What are the pro's and con's? Or should I have the same basic price as the other techs (very basic menu) and have...
  7. JesseDavidNailDesign

    TPTW- What can we do about Daytime TV bashing our services?

    I live in the US, but I'm sure this is a problem in Europe and the UK as well. I'm so tired of journalists and Doctors giving out the wrong information and speculating about the safety of our services. Today, a Doctor claimed that UV lights will cause skin cancer. I know this has been...
  8. JesseDavidNailDesign

    TPTW - Does the public have any idea how many choices they have in nail services?

    Hello All, First of all, I hope I can use the "TPTW" (thought provoking thread of the week) in my subject line. I really enjoyed these and had a question that I think could lead to an interesting discussion. How savvy is the average consumer when it comes to nail services? It seems that...
  9. JesseDavidNailDesign

    Choosing Gel or L&P for a client

    I did a search on this, but couldn't find what I'm looking for. I'm not asking if I should offer one or the other...I want to use both, but I'm not sure how to choose the right system. If you work with both gel and l&p, what is it about each client that helps you decide which system to use...
  10. JesseDavidNailDesign

    How do you deal with cell phones, laptops while working

    I'm noticing lately, that so many people are addicted to checking their cell phone, texting, facebooking etc. while I'm working on them. I understand people are busy, and I understand they need to make money to be able to come see me. And I want them to enjoy themselves and not feel like...
  11. JesseDavidNailDesign

    Teaching question

    For those of you who teach, do you find it takes longer to do something when you're explaining each step and answering questions, etc. than if you are just doing the service? I'm sure it sounds like a dumb question, but I find when I'm demonstrating say, an eyebrow wax, or a manicure, it...
  12. JesseDavidNailDesign

    Solo Operation

    Hello everyone, I'm doing some research, and just wanted your thoughts on opening a business with just one practitioner. Is it worth it financially, or does a salon need more staff to be successful? And as clients, how important is it for you to be able to go to the salon with friends? How...
  13. JesseDavidNailDesign

    Want to open my own Salon in the fall

    Hello everyone, So, with my 30th birthday fast approaching, I have decided I'm ready to take the plunge and open my own salon. I will also be relocating to a bigger city at the same time. Basically one more summer at the beach, and I'll be ready to go. I already have alot of potential clients...
  14. JesseDavidNailDesign

    One model..two competition categories

    Hi everyone! If I'm using one model for two competition categories over one weekend, can I use oil on her nails to make the removal of the first set easier? Not alot of oil, of course, but just not remove the shine. Would the judges be able to tell? How will the product behave?
  15. JesseDavidNailDesign

    Want to view all reputation messages

    Hello everyone! So, after 3 years on this forum, I have just now realized that people leave little comments after posts I have left. I have over 100 rep points. I feel so bad for not thanking/acknowledging these comments before. Is there anyway to view all the comments left? I only see the...
  16. JesseDavidNailDesign

    Colleague smells like alchohol

    Would love your experience with this sensitive topic. Have any of you had to confront someone about this? What are the steps that need to be taken? I'm her supervisor, and feel responsible to get involved. We've already spoke to her after a written client complaint, once. I honestly don't...
  17. JesseDavidNailDesign

    Weekly fill - Every other week color change

    This is the treatment plan of one of my new clients. She feels her nails need weekly maintenance as she's a hair dresser and really hard on them. At this point her smile line is up so close to the cuticle that clipping off the free edge would be more work. And she wants to keep her natural nail...
  18. JesseDavidNailDesign

    Nail repair with L&P

    Hello! Was just curious, if you have a natural nail client, who wants a crack or split repaired, do you sculpt a whole nail, or just put product over the crack? I've tried both ways. Obviously the latter saves product and time. Just curious what you all would do.
  19. JesseDavidNailDesign

    Adult Children speaking for their parents

    This is a big pet peeve of mine. I had a client yesterday, in her 60's or 70's, and everytime I asked her a question, her daughter kept answering for her. "Would you like tea?" - "Mom, the tea is hot!" "What shape do you like?" - "She wants round" "Do you like this color?" - "That doesn't have...
  20. JesseDavidNailDesign

    Full face wax

    Just wondering how you all convince your clients to have a cheek, and chin wax? Including the little sideburns, (never call them that though:lol:) Try explaining that make-up will look better. Is this just a case of personality type? Many think the hair will come back thicker, but I educate...