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  1. Silver Fern

    Nails | Have Yourself A Very Ruby Christmas With Love From CND

    I love it, but only being able to buy it with Wildfire is frustrating. Almost as frustrating as not being able to have it all year round :sad:
  2. Silver Fern

    Manicure and pedicure products?

    Hi, I use a variety of different products from Cognito Spa see or look for Sarah/Blue Rose on here There are differnet ranges and the producuts are fabulous - really lovely to use and as there are retail options too, they sell themselves! My favourites...
  3. Silver Fern

    Building contents insurance as a therapist working from home

    Have just tried Halifax and they told me the maximum number of clients I was allowed was 2 per month!!!
  4. Silver Fern

    Comment by 'Silver Fern' in media 'Shellac pale pink & glitter'

    Thank you, it's a snowflake from nailtopia on the ring finger
  5. Shellac Masq & Hollywood

    Shellac Masq & Hollywood

  6. Shellac pale pink & glitter

    Shellac pale pink & glitter

  7. Shellac Wildfire & Iced Coral

    Shellac Wildfire & Iced Coral

  8. Silver Fern

    Rock star Glitter fades

    really easy tutorial to follow - thanks Ceri
  9. Silver Fern

    Shellac popular colours

    my most popular colours are Fedora, Masquerade, Strawberry Smoothie, Mother of Pearl, Red Baroness, Tropix and Hot Chillis. I do a lot of layering and purple purple has gone down very well with layering.
  10. Silver Fern


    Two layers of Blackpool and one of Rock Royalty also work really well x
  11. Silver Fern

    There has to be a way to make these nails work?!

    I agree with Victoria about it probably being a genetic predisposition - I would recommend you both start applying solar oil at least twice a day and have nothing on your nails for a month - also try paraffin wax weekly to rehydrate your nails and hands. The other thing to try is a different...
  12. Silver Fern

    What do you look for in a skincare range?

    results are important to me but I have to factor in price too - whether it is something that will sit on my shelves as too expensive for my clients to buy to use on a regular basis, whether I would buy it to use myself. Smell is secondary - there is one product I use which I really don't like...
  13. Silver Fern

    Congratulations to ZoZo on the birth of her baby boy!

    Baby Felix arrived at 2.25am - Zoe is fine. Picture hopefully attached
  14. Silver Fern

    Eve Taylor Facials

    I've been a fan of Eve Taylor products since I was at college in 2006 and their customer service is wonderful - always helpful on the phone and never rush you. Occasionally Eve Taylor herself will answer the phone which NEVER fails to throw me ;-) I end up trying very hard to remember what I...
  15. Silver Fern

    Eve Taylor Wand

    Hi, Thanks - logo was designed by Carl from Verve (you can find him on here), love his stuff. I'm thinking of having it as an add-on to my existing facials rather than a separate one, but primarily this is because I not long ago had my treatment menus reprinted and this way I can just add it...
  16. Silver Fern

    Best facial products

    Get samples and try them out. I love Eve Taylor and would recommend them to anyone. But you have to make your own choices. Lots of threads about this if you use the search facility. :)
  17. Silver Fern

    Eve Taylor Wand

    Hi, I'm using the wand too and loving it. I use it with the Eye complex and with time-line intensive on my forehead worry lines! It's made a huge difference already. My clients all love it. Like Matt I'm not charging anymore at the moment just letting them see the results for themselves really...
  18. Silver Fern

    Hi there, any advice on minx most popular designs

    Hi, I don't do Minx but have found with Shellac that Sweet Squared have been very supportive. It appears from your profile that you are new to the site but if you had read through the info pages you would have realised that we are not supposed to mention prices on forums. In addition a lot of...
  19. Silver Fern

    Can anyone help? Don't know what's wrong

    lots of people round here suffering similar thing - tired and headaches - hopefully just a virus going around - all I know is that paracetamol and red bull are doing very well out of me at the moment!!