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  1. jax

    Any techs in Oslo or Exeter?

    Hi Geeks, Being in St Andrews, I have a few tourists coming my way. They often email me asking for recommendations in their hometown once they get home. I have 2 such requests at the moment - one for a client in Oslo and one in Exeter. Any techs from these parts, let me know and I'll...
  2. jax

    Suggestions - Kate Middleton's nails

    Hi Geeks I would love to hear your suggestions as to what Kate Middleton might have her nails like on the big day? Anyone got any clue what she normally wears? - looks like on her engagement photo's it was a clear polish maybe? Also seen a few hand pics where her nails look very very short...
  3. jax

    Job Search - where do you look?

    Hi Geeks If you are searching for a Beauty Therapy or Nail Tech job - where would you look? I have vacancies available and am trying to find the best place to advertise....very poor results from adverts so far, so I'm obviously not targeting the right place! Any help would be great...
  4. jax

    Staff Required Nail Lounge Scotland

    Nail Technicians F/T and P/T required for expanding salon in St Andrews. Full training given but basic Mani/Pedi qualification essential. Gel experience would be good. Email CV's to xx Facebook - Hepburns Nail Lounge St Andrews...
  5. jax

    Dull uv top coat

    hi Geeks Can anyone help me work out why my gel top coats have started to look dull and just not quite as shiny as they used to be. I'm really puzzled - have changed bulbs, even bought a new lamp, changed top coat, changed wipe off cleanser and still they are foggy looking!! Driving me...
  6. jax

    Brisa gel finishing question

    Hi geeks I use brisa gel and as I have improved in my application of it over the past few months I sometimes feel that after I have done the base and builder gel, the shape and arches are pretty good. I find myself filing off the shine to then go ahead and put the uv top coat on. My question...
  7. jax

    Brisa Re-balance

    Hi Geeks Just checking about Brisa re-balance! When I come to the base gel which gets scrubed into the nail plate, at present I do this over the whole nail, was wondering if I could do this just in zone 3 over the new growth area? Would save another layer of gel and some time etc. xx
  8. jax

    Gel glitter top coat - any tips?

    I like to offer a large variety of glitter/pearl finishes to my clients nails, I prefer to do this with a top coat of the desired effect rather than using the builder layers with glitter through them as I think the top coat looks better over the whole nail and is easily changed at rebalance...
  9. jax

    The all New CND Colour Revolution !!

    Just got the promo email this morning and it looks fabulous. Anyone tried any of it yet? is it available to buy from now? xx
  10. jax

    Busy Bronzer spray tanning machine

    Hi Geeks Anyone use the Busy Bronzer machine for spray tanning? - I think its an alternative machine to the T200 just cant find any chat about it. Any reviews would be greatly appreciated.xx
  11. jax

    Using POW over Acrylic - chipping problems

    Hi Geeks I am finding Paint on White Gel fab, its cut my re-balance times to under 1.5 hours which is good news, looks great, sooo easy to use etc etc. The only problem is that is can sometimes chip off on some clients. Has anyone got any suggestions as to why this is happening? Any advice...
  12. jax

    Clear well-less tips

    Does anyone know where I can get clear well-less tips from? I saw some recently but cant remember the name of them! thanks.x
  13. jax

    Science Question - Primer

    Hi Geeks I meant to post a few questions about Primers on the SSW Science weekend but I forgot in the end........probably got too carried away with the 'oil drying enamel' debate!! :lol:LOL. Anyway another thread in the forum brought it all back and I feel it is time for me to urgently brush up...
  14. jax

    Tell me about your UV Lamp.

    Hi Geeks I'm still investigating whether to start using a UV Gel Topcoat or not but I've started to look into lamps - uv output, wattage, price, etc. Just wondered if you have anything to add about the overall design of your lamp - anything you like or dislike about your specific lamp, whether...
  15. jax

    Tiny scratches on finished surface

    I am in general having problems with my final buffing stage!! Any help from you geeks would be appreciated.:) The top of my finished nail is covered in tiny tiny little scratches which usually ends up in me rushing like a maddy to get them out, but I can never get rid of all of them. The...
  16. jax

    L+P separating at free edge

    Hi Geeks, Wondering if anyone can shed any light on this for me. I have a client with a NNO who has quite a dramatic c-curve and I am having the same problem with her every visit. The L+P is separating from the natural nail at the corner of her free edge. She doesnt have much lifting...
  17. jax

    EzFlow High Definition

    Any geeks use EzFlow High Def? Whats your views on it? What other systems have you tried? Did you use primer with it? How was it for lifting, strength etc. ta in advance.xx
  18. jax

    Re-balance - the economics

    Hi Geeks Have been mulling over the economics of a re-balance and for me its quite depressing thinking. First of all I am basing this on the assumption that when up to speed it takes about 1 hour start to finish to do the re-balance and the cost to the customer being usually about...
  19. jax

    Creative Distribution..a complete disaster!!!

    Hi Geeks I am gobsmacked at Creative at the moment. For 2 weeks - NO Acrylic, No Monomer, No Brushes, NO Forms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I've had 3 different stories as to why this has happened. They wont take back orders or do any reservations and have NO CLUE as to when I will be able to...
  20. jax

    Messed up - will they lift???

    Am in turmoil :cry:. I did a full set today on a new client - a potential regular which I was trying to impress. There were alot of interruptions at her house - plumbers, electrician, joiner and children etc and I on auto pilot buffed solar oil into her nails during the prep stage like I was...