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  1. kirstie1980

    Firming creams, firming gel?

    None of them work. Don't be duped into buying these products. It scientifically proven that they dont work.
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    I think its appalling that people without tattoos judge those with tattoos. People without tattoos think those with tattoos are bad, disgusting, unattractive blah blah blah. Little do they realise that their judgement is bad, disgusting and unattractive. It just hoes to show that even in 2016...
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    Best way to remove Swarovski crystals

    Ive noticed the cheap gems tend to discolour however the Swarovski gems dont lose their shine. :)
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    Best way to remove Swarovski crystals

    I guess it depends on how you set your crystals. I seal them with a gel topcoat. Using the e file is more time efficient when used effectively.
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    Bruised my client, advice please!

    Its strange you were taught to wax in the crease. Its a big no no!! Anyway we all maje mistakes, its how we learn :)
  7. kirstie1980

    Best way to remove Swarovski crystals

    I use my e file. Takes no time
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    Stamping nightmare!

    I agree with the others in response to the polish. You need to use the proper stamping polish or a thick polish
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    Advice please, male eyelash extensionist

    I have my eyelashes done by a 16 year old male and he is fantastic. I probably would suggest you have like an album of photos to show your work as many women would feel more comfortable seeing a males work first before jumping on the bed and getting them done. Sexist, i know but unfortunately...
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    So many judgemental comments. People need to grow up, seriously! Times have changed!!! I wouldnt want to work on someone so judgemental about something as common as tattoos. A persons work cannot be judged over the fact that they have tattoos. Prudes need to grow up!
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    Step by step guide to sterilising metal nail instruments

    Oh dear, you really have no idea :(
  12. kirstie1980

    How can I spot a fake make-up artist?

    My advice is to always get a makeup trial done first. If not, ask where they trained, ask to see their certificate. A qualified mua wont hesitate in showing you their credentials
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    Definitely not. They are contagious
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    Nail art foil adhesive?

    Are you applying the foil the correct way? When i first started doing foils i put the foil faced down instead of faced up lol
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    Step by step guide to sterilising metal nail instruments

    Legislation is d I guess it depends where you're from. Disinfection does not kill everything unlike sterilisation. Better to be safe than sorry i say
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    The perfect smile line?

    Have you tried reverse method?
  17. kirstie1980

    Body electricals for butt lifting

    None of that crap works. Unless you exercise and eat right or go under the knife, i wouldnt bother
  18. kirstie1980

    What would you do?

    You can definitely get a form on any finger no matter how short the nail is. You just extend the nail plate with a cover pic then pop your form on.
  19. kirstie1980

    My man won't let me practice on him!

    Id stop getting waxing done on myself and when he asks why id be saying when u let me wax you, ill get waxed too
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    What would you do?

    I wouldnt put a tip on these at all. I agree with the other post by saying that the nails should have been sculptured and the nail plate extended. Tips actually take longer than sculptures. People that arent confident in sculpting will always try and get a tip on. A tip is not stronger than a...