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  1. chillypops

    Sienna X-right colour for a redhead?

    I have a lady who is a red head (she does highlight it blonde). She has quite olive skin and does tan quite well in the sun, no burning or anything really. I did recommend maybe a 10% for her to try for her first time. But she wanted a 8% she is quite fussy and wasn't happy with the colour, said...
  2. chillypops

    Removal of Gelicure and staining the nail?

    Hi, I have struggled with removal. I know sometimes you get a text book removal and other time you get a stubborn removal. Well i just cnt seem to get a smooth,clean removal that should only sake 15 mins to soak off. Ive tried cotton wool, ive tried lint free pads, ive tried the thicker...
  3. chillypops

    Where to buy Konad from?

    Hi, I love konad stamping. Where can i buy it in the uk (trade) ? I did buy a few from ebay as i wanted to try them. Now i love them i would like to add to my collection but don't fancy buying in bulk of ebay. Does anyone know where i can get them from? Thanks
  4. chillypops

    What do you think of Layla-Magneffect polish?

    Hi, Ive heard quite a lot of things about the LAYLA MAGNEFFECT POLISH. Has any one used it? What are your thoughts and comments about it as i was thinking of buying some. Thanks guys
  5. chillypops

    Can I use Scrub Fresh with Gelicure?

    Hi, Might sound like a silly/stupid question.... ( no question is a silly question, right?) Well i was wondering if i could use CND scrub fresh before i started to do my gelicure ? I know that you already get the prep 1 and 2 with the gelicure, but someone said this was a better...
  6. chillypops

    Should I offer a after care sheet for nails/manicure? Gelicure and Gelac

    Hi! I didnt know whether to give a after care sheet to my customers that have had gelicure or gelac applied. OR even after a manicure and that just have OPI on? I do take through with my clients that have had it done for the first time but it just depends on if it sinks in or if they...
  7. chillypops

    Nail extensions /false nails, what's the best to learn/work with?

    Hi, What false nail / Nail extension treatment would you recommend to offer to my clients? Im not sure whats the best one to learn / work with? Iam also wishing to do eye lash extensions this year - what make/brand would you recommend ? Thanks guys
  8. chillypops

    Help with nail art, mainly flicking

    Hi, I am after some help/advice on nail art, mainly flicking. I know a lot comes with practice, but i just cant seem to get the right brush! ive tried stripers , also tried brushes and using my opi polishes. I just cant get the smooth lines and flicks! also it doesn't go on dark and even ( the...
  9. chillypops

    How to get the perfect white french tip

    Hi, I was just after some help advice / tips on how to get a really neat and even white tip french manicure. I've tried it a few different way and some i find some better then others. I start from side to side, but have been told to use a brush under the white to smooth the line out more...
  10. chillypops

    Need some help and advice on false nails/extensions

    Hi, Ive recently set up my own business. chillys nails and beauty. There is a few photos on my facebook page. Im also putting together a web site. I am looking to add to my qualifications this year, i am ready for a lot of training...