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    I-pod Help

    Can someone please help me out here, Tried setting up my sons i-pod and dont want it linked to my account ( he has loads of itunes gift cards to redeem) Any way, it said hes too young for an account so has no way of redeeming his gift cards, surely there must be a way round this, loads of kids...

    Directions to Olympia

    Hey looking for some help. Im going to Olympia this weekend and flying from glasgow to Gatwick, can anyone tell me the best way to get to Olympia from there. Ive been given a few different ways from websites not not sure whats best. Thanx Debs

    Decent Camera

    I am trying to build up a portfolio of my nails but my pictures never seem to do my work justice. I dont know if im using the wrong settings or just need to upgrade my camera, its just a wee samsung one. I`ve tried using it in Auto, close up portrait etc. but not had much luck. Can anyone...


    hi guys need some help.I started in a salon a few months ago and on my first day i was given a client with greenish brown stains on her nails. she said her doctor had said it was water mould. my salon had been putting overlays on this client and had got her to sign a disclaimer. under duress i...

    Allergic Reaction

    Hi, Was wondering if anyone can help me. I have been qualified in nails for 4 years and use NSI products but hairdressing was my main job. A couple of weks ago i made the break from hairdressing and went to work in a nail bar which has been great (nails constantly for 8 hours a day). on saturday...