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  1. xxAmyxx

    Book recommendations?

    Any book recommendations? Nothing sad please x
  2. xxAmyxx

    Jane Iredale minimum order

    Just wondering what the minimum order is?x
  3. xxAmyxx

    Britain's first cloned dog!

    What are your opinions? I think it's amazing this can be done but don't think it should be used to replace a dead animal. I can't wait until a human...
  4. xxAmyxx

    Autism Awareness Day

    Today is Autism Awareness Day; just wanted to mention as my brother has Autism and I feel not many people understand it/know what it is. What is autism? - | autism | Asperger syndrome |
  5. xxAmyxx

    Seeking good hairdresser Northern Ireland

    Hi are there any hairdressers on here from Northern Ireland, that are good with colours?xx
  6. xxAmyxx

    What colour is this? Would I suit it?

    What is this hair colour called please; so I can ask my hairdresser x
  7. xxAmyxx

    Gel polish brands that don't require buffing

    What are all the brands that don't require buffing? Xx
  8. xxAmyxx

    Question regarding mineral oil

    I've always thought mineral oil is bad for you skin, however am having to change skincare brands due to being allergic to an ingredient and when researching the new brand which is highly recommended noticed the sunscreen has mineral oil in it; is this normal in sunscreen?
  9. xxAmyxx

    Blackfish Not to Be Missed: WATCH #BlackfishOnBBC4 | Animal Writes | It's on Thursday 21st November; 9pm on BBC4 A Documentary which unravels the story of notorious performing whale Tilikum, who - unlike any orca in the wild - has taken the...
  10. xxAmyxx

    Crystal Nails - nail art drawer

    Has anyone tried these? :biggrin:
  11. xxAmyxx

    Help finding shampoo/conditioner

    I have just had a patch test done at my dermatologist and found out I am allergic to methylisothiazolinone and am looking for a new Shampoo and Conditioner that is free from this. I was using Osmo but unfortunately this has this in. Also would like it to be cruelty free x
  12. xxAmyxx

    Awful at nail art

    I'm awful at nail art, does this matter? I feel like using konad is cheating, is it?x
  13. xxAmyxx

    Hand cream for eczema?

    Can anyone recommend a good hand cream, I've got really bad eczema on my hands. x
  14. xxAmyxx

    Dashing Diva-No Blend Tips?

    Has anyone tried these?x :Love:
  15. xxAmyxx

    Sam Biddle nail art pen: nail polish

    Can the Sam Biddle Nail art pen be used with nail polish, or does it have to be acrylic paint? :green:
  16. xxAmyxx

    Blinc mascara

    Just wanted to show you all how amazing this is. Picture doesn't do it justice. First pic is with it on, second is without x
  17. xxAmyxx

    Looking for work, Northern Ireland

    I have recently completed ITEC Level 2 Beauty Specialist diploma and am qualified in Holistic Massage and nail enhancements. I am also going to be doing some CND courses soon. Will forward CV if contacted.
  18. xxAmyxx

    Worth doing level 3?

    I am currently qualified in; Manicures, Pedicures, Nail enhancements, Facials, Waxing, Make up, Anatomy & Physiology and Massage. Is it worth doing electrical facials, electrolysis? Or anything else you think I need to add?
  19. xxAmyxx

    Versatile nail tips?

    What are the most versatile nail tips, that will be suitable for the majority of nails, flat nails etc.. Thank you
  20. xxAmyxx

    Skin help

    My skin has been a complete mess for ages and I just don't know what to do. I have loads of blackheads on my nose, chin and some on my cheeks beside my nose, I get pustules regularly in different places mostly, cheeks, jawline and chin only a few at a time though. My nose is shiny and has a...