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  1. Odee

    Brisa Hard Gel

    Is there an additive that i can add to my brisa hard gel, I use the warm already, but its still too pale on my nails. Xx
  2. Odee

    Intimate 4 non strip wax

    For any waxers that are using this, what temp are you working at please?, I find its fine at first set on 57 but as im using it i find that it really stiffens up and quite unworkable, so always having to turn it up and down. Im also finding lumps forming in it and was wondering if im burning it...
  3. Odee

    Perron Rigot

    ive just received my new hive digital heater and i have a sample of the intermate 4 blue wax stripless to try, can anyone tell me what setting i should be looking at. Is it the same as the euroblonde? will this wax be okay for lip and eyebrows. Booked on course with kim in july but eager to have...
  4. Odee

    Mobile trolleys

    for those who have seen both, im not sure which one to get, the Monsoon or the congo froms Roos. I need to be able to get my cnd lamp in Shellac and gelish as well as cnd manicure/pedicure range.L&P range and Brisa gels. Im looking for compartments that is tall enough to stand the pump creams in...
  5. Odee

    Gelish reds

    Is there much difference in queen of hearts and just in case tomorrow doesn't come. Slowly adding to my collection, i like both but dont want to get them both if there very much the same.xx Vickyx
  6. Odee

    Brisa Lite?

    is this a new soak off gel? any info any one?xx
  7. Odee


    Reserve or eur so chic?x not sure which one, are they very simalar. Simply marvalous as well? trying to add to my collection. Decision decisions, lol. you can never tell from the colours on nail harmony page. just going through the group now for picturesx Also what would you recommend for...
  8. Odee

    Additives demo youtube

    just wondering why the additives can be mixed into the brisa gels but not top coat of shellac? Is it that its not allowed or because it is so easy to add to inibition layer.?
  9. Odee


    Been having a search but can't seem to find what im looking for, Can anybody help with finding a waxing consultation form that has the medical information needed, written contra actions of treatment to make client aware prior that they can sign and a parent consent if needed for under 16. Ive...
  10. Odee

    Encapsulating Shellac

    Hop pop pink rockstar encapsulated in Retention+. Lets see how it wears:)
  11. Odee

    When Shellac is not enough?

    For clients that have weak peeling nails, 2 layers of topcoat is not enough,(tried the fibreglass, but with not much luck, not sure why as many of you are) can we everso lighty with the koala buffer remove the shine prior as with some of the colour gels, (with the client well aware of what were...
  12. Odee

    Shellac: Colour fade.

    loving these but i cannot get mine to look the same, these are fab. how would i get the blackout to fade? I thought dry brushing would have done it, but mine did not.
  13. Odee

    Great advertising

    I'd like one like this.x
  14. Odee

    Brisa cover gel

    this is warm cover Brisa on my own nail, it looks a little pale for me i think, is there a Brisa that you would recomend for me that would suit me better in the cover pinks. I dont really have the money for the skin tones kit at the mo, and looking through the catologue you cannot by them...
  15. Odee

    Going back to waxing

    hi all, i trained somewhat 15 yrs ago nvq 2 and 3 beauty but fell into the nail industry and didn't do much of the beauty. I wax my friends and family and don't really have any problem with what i do, I,ve set up from home doing nails and get clients ask more and more for the waxing. Im not up...
  16. Odee

    Working on your own.

    Do any of you get a little lonely working on your own? I don't mean that your lonely because of the lack of clients, but the banter back and forth within the salon. I really miss it, But its hard to work in a salon to fit around young children and a husband that works long shifts, so i work at...
  17. Odee

    Shellac lamp

    can any one tell me when you press the reset button, is it how many minutes it has left? left it a bit late and just checked and it is low, will it just cut out if i don't get my order in at sweet squared for new bulbs. So stupid that i didn't check before now.
  18. Odee

    Shellac base

    Just checking that this is not right?, received my base fri, which looked like this. Phoned sweet squared who were fantastic,and sent out a new one and i have sent back mine which they will check. This one came today the same, Now i don't do a lot of shellac on its own but on top of gels so have...
  19. Odee

    Brisa shimmers

    Just wondered if anyone had any pictures using the brisa shimmers, not really sure how they look, im sure there fab, but hard to see from the sweet squared site. looking for a soft shimmer nail bed for christmas.xx
  20. Odee

    Is this allowed or a complete no go?

    As i found my Brisa warm not peachy enough for me, i mixed a little iced coral Shellac into it as i have no Brisa colours. It gave it a lovely shimmer to it too. Now i have only put this on myself, but did wonder if this is something i could do on clients? It did make the consistancy slighty...