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  1. hayls

    Sienna X tan sweating off??

    Hey guys, I have had 2 clients who have had a tan with me and then gone out, its been a bit hot and their tan has started sweating off. Its not going streaky at all, just a lovely colour but its coming off in the heat? I just dont understand, obviously this can be a pain if the client is...
  2. hayls

    Completed my Sienna Training!

    I thought Id post this in chit chat, not the blogs so everyone can see what my opinions were on the Sienna tan and course! Firstly our Educator Vikki was lovely, really nice girl with great advice for us all! Jacq was fab aswell, really helpful, enthusiastic and a laugh! The training was...
  3. hayls

    Happy Birthday V Hunter!!!!

    Happy Birthday Victoria!! I hope you have a lovely day hunni! (sorry its a bit late, Ive only just checked Facebook and your birthday isnt on here!! ) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:
  4. hayls

    Spray Tan, splashes in the rain Help?

    Hey Guys, I have just had a spray tan, let it dry, went to my car and it started to rain, I have now got splash marks on my forearms?!? Will they stay like this or will it wash off when I have a shower in 8 hours time? I have also got a dirty tide mark round my neck, the girl assured me this...
  5. hayls

    For cute dog lovers so cute :hug:
  6. hayls

    MSN heads up

    Just a quick heads up guys, there is a virus doing the rounds on msn. Basically, somehow, they get into your msn, so change your password asap, this should help! You will get messages from friends on msn with a link and then a wink, dont clinck the link, even just clicking it releases the...
  7. hayls

    St.Tropez Autobronze booth?

    Hey skin geeks, I wonder if you could answer a question for me? I have been wanting to get a spray tan done, but in my hectic schedule, I have no time to travel, so the closest spray tanner to me uses the Autobronze machine, basically a robotic booth that does the job of a therapist! Has...
  8. hayls

    Pics of my salon

    Hey guys, I thought I would post some pics of my little salon, Bliss Nails, so you can all tell me what you think! Its small, but perfectly formed, and its my little bit of quiet away from all the noise that is my life! It is attatched to my house, goes onto my kitchen infact. Give me...
  9. hayls

    Teeth Whitening...your experiences please!

    Right peeps this is my dilemma, I have done a search on here but still havent come up with any answers! Hubby has said I can have my teeth whitened, but I want a really good proffessional company. I dont want burnt gums after 1 hour!:eek: I have scoured the net and obviously every company...
  10. hayls

    FREE gift CND a big Thanks xxx

    :hug:Well I just thought Id let you all know, if some of you dont already, that I placed an order with S2 yesterday for a bunch of stuff it was about £190 and I got a free CND mug, its huge, lush for a massive cuppa! And inside the mug was 3 2oz Scentsations in Vanilla Shimmer, Cherry and Nutmeg...
  11. hayls

    L&P NNO Problems

    Hi all, Last thursday I did a NNO in L&P on a client, she had come from a nailbar that had used MMA on her nails, they took me about 2 hours to soak off :eek:. Her nails had grown up underneath, so she decided to have a NNO. She phoned this morning to say that they had started peeling on 2...
  12. hayls

    Indian Head Massage

    Hey Geeks, I am signing up to do a course on Indian Head Massage in January, as I love having it done and thought it would be great as an add on treatment. I am a Nail Geek, but am a qualified Complimentary Therapist, but we never covered this at all. Im basically asking, do you think this...
  13. hayls

    Client on Cardio Meds

    I have had a new client today, who suffered a heart attack last year. She has been on Cardio meds since October, and in the last 5 months her nails ahve started to peel, split, flake and crack at the free edge. So she came today and I did an Express Manicure for her, advising her to purchase...
  14. hayls

    I HEART Creative!!

    Really just wanted to say how thrilled I was to go to the NEC on the Monday and find out that Creative had sold out of their offers in 40 mins on Sunday, but..........they honoured the offers and I still had them!!!!! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! What a great company!!!!! And what great...
  15. hayls

    Creative Marketing Pack

    Hey guys and dolls, I have got the Marketing pack from Creative as I will be starting up my home based salon soon. It has some fab stuff in it, including 2 gigantic, double sided, thick card, posters. They have 2 holes at the top of them. Basically I was wondering how I would go about 'hanging'...
  16. hayls

    Scented Paraffin Wax?

    Hi Geeks, I have done a search on here, but havent come up with anything yet! I want to buy scented paraffin wax, to add a bit of variety to my treatments. I would like to buy ones that go with the seasons (well sort of), I have got my Chocolate one sorted, but need something spring(ish)...
  17. hayls

    cat flap help?

    Right I know this is totally random, but I am struggling here guys!! We have a cat flap in our back door and we dont want it there anymore as the back door will be the entrance to my new salon, its a upvc door with a glass panel in the top, but the bit where the flap is, is upvc. I want to...
  18. hayls


    Hi all, I was just wondering do Creative do a Brisa Coverage gel yet? I have a client with bitten nails and she wouldnt mind trying gel soon, I only have the gel that I had in the kit, clear and pink. Any help given, I will be very grateful!! xxx
  19. hayls

    Brisa Re-balance

    Hey Geeks, I have looked but cannot find a tutorial on doing a Brisa re-balance? I was wondering if anybody can help me out with it? I use the paint on white, not the sculpting white. All I was after was a 2 week re-balance setp by step i.e filing what areas how to replace thw white or just...
  20. hayls

    Question about Brisa Gel?

    Hey Geeks, I was just wondering at which stage of application with Brisa Gel, would you put glitter onto the tip or encase a flower. Also would you do nail art and then seal with UV topcoat? Thanks all for your help!! xx