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    S2 customer address query

    Evening all, Just a quick question... Can someone just confirm with me if you can change your address on the S2 site or do you have to phone them up and change your address over the phone ? Manythanks
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    Just a quick lash question

    I dont offer lash extensions to the public, but have been talking to a friend and I told her that she will need to have her lashes (where-ever she goes) infilled every 2 weeks to maintain the look - how right am I ?
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    S2 postal service

    WOW, placed an order yesterday and it arrived today. Thankyou S2 Now that's service :)
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    S2 Postal Service

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    Am I the only one who hated the crowds at Olympia today and the queues OMG. I take my hat of to you girls that waited in that CND line......How long did you queue for ?
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    Dermalogica at Olympia

    Can anyone tell me if you don't have an account with Dermalogica, can you purchase their products at their Olympia stand ? (I am guessing they will have products with them and not just trying to pickup trade accounts) thanks
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    Additives-eye safe?

    Not that I am planning on trying it but just wanted to know out of curiosity, are the additives safe to use around the eyes (have they been tested in this way) ? Thanks
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    I have 3D glitter by MAC (its expensive even with the discount) so I am looking for a cheaper option to use with Shellac. I want it to be silver holographic and in the light you see a "Rainbow of Colours/Disco Ball". Now I am searching the net (I've looked at S2/Beauty...
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    What will you be wearing to Olympia ?

    Hi ladies, for those of you going to this years Olympia (next weekend - yeah) what are you gonna be wearing on your nails ?
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    Advertising boards/banners

    Hi, Just wanted to pick some brains. I've had my advertising board stolen. You know the kind that has water in the base and you can change up the posters. Well the thing is I don't want to buy another one and it happen again. And because its outside a private residence, I cant just put...
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    Natural face lift massage

    If any of you offer this treatment, can you please tell me how different it is from doing a facial ? I understand it's not like a facial in the way that you are not cleansing/extracting/mask etc, but how does it differ massage wise ???? I've been told that you just use a facial oil and...
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    What would you call this?

    Just out of curiosity, would you call this a Pedicure ? I wouldn't.... but some people might (like someone I was talking to today) - What do you think ? Or maybe you would refer to it as a Mini Pedi or Classic/Basic Pedi. Soak/Foot File Shape Nails Cuticle Work Scrub Mini Massage and...
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    Internet Site

    Hi, can I write, about an internet site, which I have received terrible service from???????????????. Kept my money and I havent received the items that was ordered.
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    Face Paints ?

    Hi, Going to a masquerade ball. And thought that I might draw a mask around my eye area and dress it up with sparkle. Not a full face, just around the eyes. Questions is, whats the best face paint/sponges/brushes to use? And where to buy these from. Do you know of anywhere that sell's...
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    Hi, can anyone give me some advice please, If your ex-partner, who pays csa for 1 child, remarries and then they seperate and he then has two pay for 1 child and another one on the way. How much does the payments go down by for the 1st child. I understand that this goes on their wages, but...
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    Nail Products

    Hi, this might have been mentioned before, but a department store, is now selling Essie/Leighton Denny/Ciate products. Is that a good or bad thing?
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    Hi, Dont know if this has been mentioned b4, but Boots are selling Seche Vite. Great, not
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    Hi, just wanted to ask a question. Is lifting acceptable? The reason why I ask this, is that a couple of people I know, go and have their nails done with techs in their local area, and a week later they have lifting, they seem to be happy with this, and think it goes with having...
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    Karin Herzog

    Hi, can any any one tell me about "Silhouette & Tonus B12 Body Products" and what do you think of the results? Manythanks