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  1. Piercednige

    Pricing question

    We charge extra depending on thickness/length anywhere from £5-£20.
  2. Piercednige

    Favourite blowdry brushes?

    I use GHD round brushes and a mix of y.s. park and Kent bristle brushes depending in hair texture etc. We also use Davines styling products. Tongs we use GHD wands Hot tools curl bar
  3. Piercednige

    Alternative to dryer

    you can get wall mounted ones, you then still have one but it's not taking up floor space.
  4. Piercednige

    Theory of developers regarding low and slow

    To explain low and slow method... The analogy I used is... footballs/rugby balls = black/brown (melanin) tennis balls/ golf balls =red/yellow (pheomelanin) Imagine you have a a room jam packed with all these balls and you are given 10 minutes to take as much out as possible. You will panic...
  5. Piercednige

    Wella Koleston Perfect ME+ - new formulation

    I've found the new ME+ to be amazing. The consistency is the same as illumina now so although there has been a price increase it goes alot further than before. Out of interest does everyone have an account with wella directly because they net down to alot better value as the benefits you get...
  6. Piercednige

    Illumina 10/ help

    They say use 12% for best results but you could always try 9%. not really any does and don'ts but I would say apply plenty of colour and be neat and precise (which I'm sure you will).
  7. Piercednige

    Illumina 10/ help

    10/ illumina and 10/0 does remove bands. When I did my Master Colour expert training with Wella we were told this for banding. I use it all the time still and it still amazes me, we all know the rule tint wont lift tint but this works. The short of it is there is the minimum amount of tone in a...
  8. Piercednige

    L’Oreal colourists to follow on Facebook/Instagram

    Also paul dennison is a loreal guest artist
  9. Piercednige

    L’Oreal colourists to follow on Facebook/Instagram

    use the hashtag #lorealcolour on instagram and it will bring lots accounts that have tagged it and then you will be able to find accounts you like to follow. for schwarzkopf Jack howard on instagram is their "balayage specialist" educator.
  10. Piercednige

    Majirel vs Wella darkness

    I found loreal to come out darker than wella too
  11. Piercednige

    Which is the best salon software?

    I've used shedul for almost 3 years and loved it. It keeps getting better all the time as they're always adding new features an improving it. what put you off from using it? I've used shortcuts in the past but that can be pretty pricey.
  12. Piercednige

    Wella master colour expert

    I did my MCE about 8 years ago and it completely changed the way I colour. similar to what Tyson said but it also goes into the psychology of colour etc. I would recommend it 100% although I dont use wella anymore (poor reps etc) the theory will always be perfect for any colour brand.
  13. Piercednige

    Instamatic clear dust

    if you want a glossy finish on black hair why dont you do an illumina flossing service instead. mixed 1:1:1, illumina shade (you can use any but if its is just shine you want then use 10/) + pastel + colour save conditioner. Yhis will give it a beautiful glossy shine. or you could always get...
  14. Piercednige

    Being sued by a fruit loop!

    Sounds like a right nightmare. The only problem I would worry about is that you offered her a complimentary treatment... even though this is a 'good will gesture' it can also be twisted that you have admitted liability. Why would you give something for free of you don't think you're at fault is...
  15. Piercednige

    Products for curly hair?

    I love the Davines Love curl range
  16. Piercednige


    I was wella when I opened my salon with being a wella master colour expert I stayed with them but had the same experience with reps. Now I personally think the technical support is fantastic and they put in fantastic training courses which are readily available. it's just the reps that are...
  17. Piercednige

    New Koleston Perfect Wella

    glossing is different to using colour touch. with the glossing it is 1:1:1 with the colour developer and conditioner. (same as you would with illumina) the technology in the new ME+ koleston is similar to illumina with he Microlight technology and surrounds the copper on the hair to give...
  18. Piercednige

    Unhappy with Wella

    I was sick and tired of having a different rep every couple of months with wella so got rid of them altogether. It doesn't matter what colour house you go with, the account managers are very rarely hairdressers so will lack in the more advanced technical knowledge. But look at it the other...
  19. Piercednige

    99/0 & 9/13 turning pink on grey roots

    I know how you feel. I reluctently converted away from Wella and closed my account because i didn't like the way they treated me as a salon. I was sick and tired of constantly having reps change all the time too.
  20. Piercednige

    How busy should a stylist be after 1 year?

    If you want to dismiss someone, there’s no specific process you must go through by law - as long as you do it fairly. You can dismiss an employee if: they’re incapable of doing their job to the required standard they’re capable, but unwilling to do their job properly they’ve committed some...