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  1. julesgems

    Window shutters

    Hi Am looking to get folding window shutters for security in my salon. Can anyone recommend a good company and give me an idea of what sort of price I can expect to pay?
  2. julesgems

    Experienced lasher needed near Dublin

    Hi I have a client who is moving over to Ashbourne, near Dublin very soon (3 weeks). She is a regular 2-3 week lash client and would prefer someone who uses Flirties products. Anybody out there (must be experienced and preferably specialising in lashes) please pm me your details and I will...
  3. julesgems

    American geeks - Quicklift mini facial

    Hi Would like to know if any of our american geeks have tried the Quicklift mini facial and if so, what was the recovery like and were the results as they expected? Have recently lost 2 stone - a lot from my face - and feel the need for a lift! Thanks in advance
  4. julesgems

    Microdermabrasion on stretch marks

    Hi Has anyone had good results with Microdermabrasion on stretch marks on the backs of legs or stomach? I have a client who wants me to try this but would like to hear from anyone who has already tried this. I need to know how successful it can be (if at all). My client's stretch marks are...
  5. julesgems

    Opportunity for self-employed Nail Technician

    Due to relocation to larger premises, I am looking for a self employed, fully qualified and insured nail technician with L & P or Gel skills, or both. Must use professional products (CND, NSI, Biosculpture or similar) Low rent is offered in exchange for some light reception duties. Salon is in...
  6. julesgems

    Explanation please - business use!

    Hi I am about to take on new premises and have been told I need change of Use planning app to change it from A1 to A2 for beauty (at a cost of £335). As I understand A1 use includes hair salons but not beauty. Can someone please explain (if this is the case) whether or not hair salons...
  7. julesgems

    12 Days of Christmas

    Twelve Days of Christmas – The Maiden’s Song On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me A pampering raw earth pedicure On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me Eyebrow tint and waxing, and a pampering raw earth pedicure On the third day of Christmas my true love gave...
  8. julesgems

    Therapist needed in Nottingham for Thursday 20th May

    URGENT! I need an extra therapist who can perform indian head massage, manicures and pedicures for Thursday 20th May in Nottingham. Start time 7.00 pm - 9.30 pm All products provided except massage medium for IHM - you need to provide that. Contact Julie on 07798 757944 for further...
  9. julesgems

    Training versus Treatments!

    Hi This thread is directed at all those who are currently in training, but may be of some interest to those aiming to get into training! When you first got involved in training, what were your expectations? I - for one - expected to have to drop some clients in order to fit training in. I...
  10. julesgems

    Things to avoid when wearing eyelash extensions!

    Hi Just thought I'd post this for all the lashers out there (who may or may not already know it)! Had a client return for infills today with hardly any lashes left. She had only had a full set applied 3 weeks ago so I was a little mystified as to where they had all gone:confused: I have a...
  11. julesgems

    Eyelash Extensions - Spalding, Lincs

    Hi if there are any semi permanet eyelash extensionitst near Spalding, Lincs, can you please pm me?:)
  12. julesgems

    Collin and Britta

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you and publicly acknowledge everything that you guys (Collin and Britta) have done for me since our first association (many months ago now!) My business has come on in leaps and bounds and I have you two to thank for all the opportunities that you have given...
  13. julesgems

    speedbond hard?

    Hi I have just bought some Speedbond from my local supplier. I have opended it - it is rock hard - not one drop of glue to be had! I have inserted the pin as stated and tried to get some out - but nothing is coming! Obviously I will take it back and get it changed but has anyone else had...
  14. julesgems

    beauty trolley

    Hi Just purchased a 3 tier trolley on wheels from Ikea for £6.84! It is on a wire frame with 3 white plastic shelves. Perfect for in your salon to hold beauty, waxing, nail stuff etc. Been looking for ages but could only find trolleys for £50.00 plus! What a bargain - for those interested...
  15. julesgems

    Spray Tan needed tonight - Walton on Thames

    Hi Any geeks out there spray tanning (mobile) in Walton on Thames? I have a lady needs a tan tonight as she's going on hols tomorrow. PM me and I'll send you the details.:hug:
  16. julesgems

    Tinting before eyelash extensions

    Is it okay to tint eyelashes immediately before applying eyelash extensions? or should there be a 24/48 hrs period of settling time for the tint?:confused:
  17. julesgems

    Calling all Tantrick-ers! Hemel Hempstead area

    Hi Are there any tantrick spray tanners on here today that cover the Hemel Hempstead area (must be mobile)? I have a client in need of a tantrick spray tan next week. Thanks Jules:)
  18. julesgems

    What songs reduce you to tears? and why?

  19. julesgems

    What songs reduce you to tears? and why?

    For me, its Weekend in New England by Barry Manilow. Every time I hear this I come over a complete emotional wreck!:cry: It takes me back 11 years to when my beautiful boy (my beloved cat of 17 years - Henry) passed away. I was 6 months pregnant at the time and when hubby and I came away from...