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    Intimate wax advice

    Hey geeks I was wondering if anyone can give me a bit of advice I had a Hollywood wax done yesterday by someone I’d never been to before and the lady has missed quite a few patches of hair, so I was wondering how long do I need to wait before I can shave it without causing too much irritation...
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    Glasgow - nightlife suggestions

    Me and my OH are heading through to Glasgow from Edinburgh on Sunday and we've booked a hotel for the night was just wondering if anyone knows of any decent nightlife on a Sunday in Glasgow near the centre please? Not fussed if it's a club or a really decent bar x Thanks in advance xxx
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    Trade testing self employed

    Hi there I'm hoping to open my own salon this year and I'm just in the planning stage just now. I want to rent out spaces in the salon( chairs, nail desk, beauty room) and was wondering if you're allowed to trade test self employed people before renting them the space? I've been googling like...
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    Thinning hair causes and solutions?

    Thanks in advance for your help and for reading this! So basically my oh feels his hair is thinning out around his hair line and at his crown. He's been saying this for the last 5 years we've been together hes 27 now and it's really bothering him. He washes his hair every couple of days with...
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    Lauren Gollan make up academy course

    Hi there I was just wondering if anyone has trained with the Lauren gollan make up academy in Edinburgh and what you thought of it? I'm a qualified hairdresser and would like to offer make up aswell in the future. I would like to start of with their intro to make up course and then maybe their...
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    Treatment for arachnophobia

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone's had any treatment for arachnophobia like hypnotherapy etc or know anyone who has? It's really affecting me and starting to take over I just wondered if anyone has had any success or can recommend anything? Thank you xx
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    How to fade semi perm brows

    hey guys I had spmu on my brows a couple of months ago and had the top up but it's pretty faded on one brow you can barely see it on the other it's much darker but still pretty transparent. Is there anyway I can make the rest of it fade quicker cause it looks daft unless I've drawn my brows on...
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    Intimate waxing pain help

    so just got a Hollywood wax done by my usual lady been quite a few times with no issue today though she used strip wax no the front so now I have a cut that's been bleeding in the crease of my leg it's really sore and I'm worried about getting loads of spots cause any time I've had an intimate...
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    Tinting mascara?

    just saw an advert for rimmel tinting mascara it apparently tints your lashes while you wear it?! How would this work? Surely if there's tint in it it would lead to a lot of reactions being put on everyday? I just watched the advert and was really curious any ideas?xx
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    Ghd selling in Argos!

    Okay so I've been going of ghds for a while I've been waiting for mine to break so I can buy cloud 9's. I think the quality has been going down hill, they are breaking more easily and the effect is no where near as good as what they used to be! But now I have seen them in the Argos catalogue...
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    Finishing Touches SPMU?

    Hey guys I'm looking into training in spmu with finishing touches I'm just waiting for the council to get back to me. Has anyone trained with this company?and have any feedback? I'll be going to the one in Aberdeenshire. Also does anyone know who they are accredited by? They say you get a years...
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    Has any one seen this on Facebook? It's a clip with a level on it to allow people to cut hair at home AND if you flip all your hair to the front then put the clip on you can cut layers 🙈 *goes to a corner and cries* what next?xx
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    Keratin granules

    Hey guys Could somebody please recommend the best place for getting Italian keratin granules? I use remi cachet mini tips and they are ripped with German keratin which I don't really like, I plan on testing the glue in my hair before I retip clients hair. I've had a look on foxy hair extensions...
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    Sulphate free shampoo

    Hi guys I need a bit of help I have run out of my shampoo so I'm gonna have to run to Sally's to get some. I have micro ring extensions in and wanted to know if any of these shampoos would be okay? They are all sulphate free. Please and thank you x Thank you xx
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    Mel B's eye

    What's going on with her eye? Has she lost a strip lash? Or has someone forgot to put mascara on it or what? It's really stressing me out xx
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    What inspires you?

    So as the title says what inspires you? Where do you get your inspiration from? It can be a thing a place a person not necessarily related to the Beauty industry! For me it's packaging as weird as it sounds I've came up with a lot of ideas from pretty boxes,nice designs, perfume bottles...
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    Hair extension pain help

    Hey guys I was hoping someone had some advice for me I'm really new to fitting extensions so I'm still learning. A week ago I went to a salon that's 2 and a half hours away to have extensions, this is the first time I've ever had extensions in, I feel like some of the sections aren't completely...
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    Solis training?

    Has anybody ever done any training with this company? If so what did you think? I've done a search but can't really find anything. Thanks in advance x
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    How to get rid of sore spots?

    Over the past couple of months I have came up with lots of spots over my chest and back, my diet is still the same I exfoliate and moisturise regularly. Some of These spots are really sore to touch and are quite red whereas others are just there. I've also got quite a few black heads on my chest...
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    Best wax course Edinburgh/ surrounding areas

    Hi fellow geeks I am looking into doing a waxing course would like to start off with body waxing but I really don't know where's best? I live in west Lothian so would like something in this area, edinburgh or Midlothian x hope some one can help xxx