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    En Vogue Gel

    Hello, I've had a search for previous threads and found some information reagarding En Vogues advertising, but just out of curiosty could anybody tell me how they have found En vogue gels to work with please? Many thanks Ali xxxxxx
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    Disheartened with current situation

    Hi everybody, Don't get me wrong, I'm not one to give up on anything and never have but I am feeling very disheartened at the moment. I've managed to get a table in a salon on a self-employed part time basis, (need to keep office job to pay for all my goodies at mo :)), and they advertise my...
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    Potential clients mis-understanding of "Trainee"

    Hiya, Having read previous threads could any experienced nail tech/salon owner please confirm that anybody who does not have 2 years experience is classed as a "Trainee"? I have been given the opportunity of a table in a local salon, (& will be eternally grateful), and as I do not have 2 years...
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    Nails falling off due to hand cleanser???

    HELP! I've just had a text message from a lady who said her nails have all come off, (confidence right at this moment = zero). I did two sets of l&P for a mother and daughter for a party and both were very pleased with the result, however! The daughter text three days later to say they were...
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    Brush storage whilst on holiday

    Hiya, I really hope you don't mind me asking but having come across other threads about storing brushes I'm worried about how to store my brush whilst I'm on holiday for two weeks. I qualified last Oct, (CND), and since then have used my brushes not every day but on a regular basis. I store...
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    Custom col bld rebalance

    Hiya, This may seem a stupid question but I could really do with some advice please, I've had a look at previous threads but cannot find what I'm looking for. Last night I rebalanced my friends nails, she'd let them grow out for three weeks!! So that when I reduced the length there was...
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    Help! With using Brisa white Sculpting Gel.

    Hiya, I've just completed my Brisa conversion course and I am having a nightmare with the white brisa gel. Having trawled through various threads and read all the literature I can find I have found the answer to one of my questions and that is that the white is not self levelling and is...
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    Share the secret link

    Hiya, I've been trawling through the posts but cannot seem to find the one regarding the "Share the secret" by Gigi. If you offer a "Refer a friend" scheme is it better to 1. Once the new client has booked and paid for their treatment offer the existing client their next treatment free. or 2...
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    Have I picked the wrong time to try and make it as a nail tech?

    Hi All, I know that this is probably one of the quieter times of year and that people are worried about the reccession but I don't seem to be able to get anybody interested. I qualified in L&P, SpaManicure and Pedicure in Oct, have had my Popit training and have my Gel training and custom...
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    Repair on natural nail but without product cover

    Hi All, I hope you can help me on this one, I have seen many threads on repairing but my Mum does not want anymore product applied? Last week I removed my Mums enhancements, (first time she has had them), and explained why her nails would be soft and to take extra care as she would not have...
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    Help!! Trying to get started

    HI All, I know you have probably seen this many times but I could really do with some advice. I've just passed my L&P and Spa Manicure/Pedicure and am now in the process of getting started, the problem is I am at the moment still working full time and I'm finding it difficult to fit everything...
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    Which business card?

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    Which business card?

    Hiya, I've just qualified with CND and I'd really like to ask your opinions on which business card you think is best, I can't make my mind up which to choose as they're all good, (many thanks to Carl). New Page 1 All opinions gratefully received, Love Ali xx