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  1. bellabeautie

    No Toe Nail - What can I do?

    Hi Geeks, Ive just had a lady phone me asking if I can sort her toes out...... She recently had an accident with a garden post (!) and she has lost half of her big toe nail. All the other toes are fine. Shes going on a cruise this weekend and really wants to get them sorted out. Can I do a...
  2. bellabeautie

    Reconstructing a toe nail

    Hi Geeks, Ive just had a lady phone me asking if I can sort her toes out...... She recently had an accident with a garden post (!) and she has lost half of her big toe nail. All the other toes are fine. Shes going on a cruise this weekend and really wants to get them sorted out. Can I do a...
  3. bellabeautie

    Who's a Mobile Nail Tech?

    Hi everyone, I am thinking of going mobile now, after suddenly ending my time renting a room in a local hair dressers (long story!) I have some questions for all you mobile techs.... 1. Do you have a portable table or do you rely on customers having tables (or ironing boards!:lol:)? 2...
  4. bellabeautie

    Spray Tanning - Can anyone help please??

    Hi everyone, I am a Nail Geek, however, I have been thinking about doing Spray Tanning for a while now, and after talking to my clients and telling them I am thinking about starting, the reaction has been really good and looks like it would be very popular. But, I have NO idea where to...
  5. bellabeautie

    Ridges/uneven toe nails

    Hi Geeks, Today, I tried Minx for the first time. I found it quite difficult though because on my big toes, the Minx would not go on properly because I have quite deep ridges on them. I did try to buff them but it didnt work. The Minx is all crinkly :cry: So I am taking the whole lot off and...
  6. bellabeautie

    Where can I find the video?

    I ordered my Minx Kit last week (hoping it shall be here tomorrow!) The lady at S2 said I could view the video on Minx Nails website. Well I have looked on there and I cannot find it anywhere! I think I am ok with the process, but would just like to see it being done before I do my first set...
  7. bellabeautie

    Happy Birthday Pixie P!!!

    Hope you have a fantastic birthday! xxx
  8. bellabeautie

    What's your favourite Nail Product and Why?

    Hi everyone, I know everybody uses different systems and different products.... but I was wondering what all your favourite products are and why? Do you own a certain product/s that you just have to order and order again and cant live without? It could be anything...from files to lotions and...
  9. bellabeautie

    Question for all your Hair Geeks.....

    Hi everyone, My hair is awful, and by awful I mean its really starting to annoy me! The longest it has ever grown in my whole life is just below my chin. Its extremely fine, thin and wispy. Nothing makes a difference! When I moved to where I am now I found a hairdressers. This was...
  10. bellabeautie

    Applying Polish

    Hi everyone, I painted my mother in laws nails (both fingers and toes) when they were last over in England, and I have a question for you. Before I done her nails, she said that nail polish NEVER stays put on her and always chips and peels off. So, I thought it was because she doesnt use...
  11. bellabeautie

    Pedicures - Heated Booties and Paraffin Wax

    Hi everyone.... Just a couple of questions about doing luxury treatments during a pedicure. I bought a Paraffin Wax Heater although I am struggling a bit to use it. It has to be turned up fully high for the wax to melt quickly, but then it is obviously way too hot to apply to the feet. If I...
  12. bellabeautie

    I need some help trying to take a picture!!

    That title proberly makes me sound a bit silly! :lol: ah well! I am trying to take a pic on my digital camera of nails that i do, but its just not happening. When I look through the screen, the image looks really nice and focused, but as soon as I take the picture its all blurry :cry: Its not...
  13. bellabeautie

    How many people have a free website??

    Hi everyone, Well, title says it all really! I want to create a website, I would like to create a free one as times are hard!! Where did you get your free website from and do you really recommend it? Thanks xx
  14. bellabeautie

    Nail Art Stickers/Transfers

    Hi Geeks, I was just wondering where you all buy your nail art supplies? I am after nail art stickers, transfers, brushes, paints, canes, dried flowers etc.... Ive just googled it, theres so many different websites, wanted to see where everyone else gets them from and if their any good...
  15. bellabeautie

    Very dry skin

    Hi Geeks, Wonder if anyone can help me? I get very dry skin on my face and its starting to really annoy me now! Ive tried so many different creams but nothing seems to work. I ended up going to the doctors because you can really see it, especially if i wear make up. I got given Diprobase by...
  16. bellabeautie

    CND Metal Implements

    Hi Geeks, Just been looking at the metal implements online, as I would like to buy a new one. Which one/s do you use? Ive seen Precision Pushie Knife, Precision Probe, Precision Curette, Precision Pushie, Double Ended Pushie, Double Ended Cuticle Chisel. I dont know which to get! At the mo...
  17. bellabeautie

    Problem with my clients nails

    Hi all, I done a new set of l&p 2 weeks (tomorrow) ago. The lady that came to me bites and picks at her nails (her nails and surrounding skin) because she said her nails grow so badly, they are really flaky and when they do grow they snap off and shes gets fustrated and hates her nails being...
  18. bellabeautie

    Which digital camera do you use?

    Title says it all really! Looking to buy a new digital camera, no idea about them or which brand may be best!! :confused: What do you all have? xx
  19. bellabeautie

    French polishing

    Hi Geeks, Just wondered what white and pink polishes everybody uses when doing a french polish? I am in desperate need of new polishes and dont know which ones to get. I currently use OPI polishes, but I am finding them pretty pants. I was thinking of getting CND polishes, as I use their base...
  20. bellabeautie

    Do you wipe your brush?

    Hi all, Ive read loads on here about how you shouldnt wipe your brush. However, I am struggling with not doing this!! I pick up the bead, place on nail and have to contain myself from not wiping at this point! I did try a couple of times, but the acrylic seemed to stay in the brush and started...