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  1. Jenx

    100% natural or organic spray tan

    Hi everyone, I am considering changing my tan brand and looking for one that is completely natural (preservatives, colours, fragrance as well) or even better completely organic. Price isn't an issue. Are there any suggestions out there for brands that are like this? It's been a good few years...
  2. Jenx

    Nasty tricks

    Has anyone been getting calls from 'crime prevention' or something similar? I got yet another one today, a lady saying that she noticed i'd had a few calls from them before and she was really sorry and that she would remove me from their data base. Normally they call you and try to get you to...
  3. Jenx

    Signatures ???

    Geek has changed the layout again and I am not seeing any signatures. Is anyone else finding this or do i just have one of my settings wrong? Thank you Jen xx
  4. Jenx

    Best Quality Lashes

    Hi all you lashers out there :) I am looking for some info from you all. Which lashes would you say are the best quality. As in which brands do you think are best - regardless of price. If you have used a few brands could you also say which brands you have tried and why you think your favourite...
  5. Jenx

    New Vani-T Liquid Sun

    Hey just heard today that Vani-T's Liquid Sun has had an overhaul and the new version will be coming out here sometime in december. Well I am a tad impatient so wondered if any of you Australian geeks have tried it yet and what do you think? What is different about it? xxx
  6. Jenx


    Quick question for all you experts out there. Is IPL really effective in 6 treatments? Thinking of getting my underarms done, but just what results should I expect after 6 treatments. I am dark haired and fair skinned if that makes any difference. I saw a fab deal for it and thinking of...
  7. Jenx

    Tricky Lashes - Question

    I had a lovely Chinese lady in last night for lash extensions, problem I had was that her lower lashes pointed upwards rather than down. She'd had an operation when younger as they actually used to point inwards and scratch her eyes. I had a nightmare with the gel pads as everytime I got the...
  8. Jenx

    Quick Lash Question

    I have a client who gets her eyelashes tinted and she was one of my first guinnea pigs to get the semi-permanent lash extensions. When I was having a look at the a couple of days ago there were very obvious roots. The lashes have been on a couple of weeks now. My question is, can I tint the...
  9. Jenx

    First set of lash extensions, quick question x

    Hi, I just did my first patch test, for my first set of semi-permanent eyelash extensions since training. My question is, on one side (the side she sleeps on) the lashes are a bit criss crossed at the outer edge. When doing the patch test I applied 2 lashes to the outer edge of each eye. I...
  10. Jenx

    Tinting & Tanning?

    A quick question, can I do a lash tint on the same day as a spray tan? I am thinking not because I was taught to use vaseline under the pads, but just wanted to check. Obviously I would tint before tanning :hug: xx
  11. Jenx

    Eyelash Extensions/Tinting

    Hi, just a quick question. For those of you who trained in semi-permanent lash extension course, without any prior training in eyelash tinting. Was eyelash tinting added to your extensions course or did you have to train seperately? If seperately then where did you do your tinting course? I...
  12. Jenx

    Some Lash Questions xxx

    Hi everyone, got a few questions about semi-permenant eyelash extensions (will no doubt add more as I waken up a bit more). 1. What are the rules around who you train with etc? If I train with company A, I know I can use company B's lashes/glue etc. Can I also use company B's marketing...
  13. Jenx

    Body Contouring - training

    Hi, I have been spray tanning for almost 5mths now and really enjoying it with quite a lot of regulars. I am looking into doing a few new courses in the new year and was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that trains in the body contouring where you learn how to make people look leaner with...
  14. Jenx

    Quick question..clear tip

    Ok, I am not a nail geek and know nothing about them, but I have seen a few pics recently of gorgeous nails with a completely clear tip and some nail art on them. What are they? Thanks, Jen x
  15. Jenx

    Tan Disaster :( xx

    Hi looking for some help in solving a tanning problem. I had a client last night, who I spray tanned as normal. First she had a problem with getting caught in the rain as she left so she had to come back in. This I sorted out no problem. However, she phoned this morning to say she had strap...
  16. Jenx

    Eyelashes and tanning

    Just a quickie, I have a client who is coming for a spray tan one evening and then getting her semi-permenant eyelashes the next morning (in a salon), will this be ok. I know nothing about eyelash extensions, but I saw they put pads under the eyes, will this effect the tan in this area? Not sure...
  17. Jenx

    Sorry to be a pain but.........

    I have just spent the whole evening doing a new website. I have made up a new one sinceI hated having ads etc on my old one. I think it is a much cleaner layout than before, but if you could please take a quick look to check all is ok with it. I have also had a...
  18. Jenx

    Can't get access to my website!!!

    Hi, went to check on my website tonight and it keeps telling me the link is broken. Could someone please check on it for me - it may just be my computer. and click on the link to the main site. Really appreciate it :hug: Thanks, Jen x
  19. Jenx

    Vistaprint website - advice please x

    Hi, I have a website with freewebs at the moment, but am considering changing it to vistaprint as I get all my business cards and flyers etc from there. Advantages that I can see are that I get to use the same images as my cards etc, no adverts and I can point my domain name directly to the...
  20. Jenx

    Quick Question Re: Deposits

    Just had an enquiry about a tan party which I look to take a 50% non-refundable deposit 2 weeks prior. I work mobile so do not have an address listed on my website or business cards, how would the client know that I am legitimate and not going to run off with their money? Which of course I...