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  1. Trinity

    Tip blending

    CND is some of the best training in the world so you're starting with a great foundation. Now you know why we bang on about 1 or 2 day complete nail technician courses being rubbish. It takes a long time to learn each individual part let alone the full service. If you are struggling with...
  2. Trinity

    Best face glitter?

    Magpie Beauty glitters are cosmetic grade I believe
  3. Trinity

    Tip blending

    I don't find blending tip a problem, but I know many do. There is a knack to it, it's pretty hard to explain, easier to teach in person (like most things nail related). I blend 'up' not 'down' or 'across' - so I start with my abrasive on the tip (towards the free edge) and stroke upwards...
  4. Trinity

    Gel nail embellishments

    I used CND Shellac but don't foil over it as I never got the results I wanted. Maybe I didn't spend enough time practising it, to be honest foil doesn't rock my boat so I don't use it. Marbelling with normal polish is better done with the blob method whilst it's wet. Gel polish is better with...
  5. Trinity

    Gel nail embellishments

    Some Gel Polish will leave enough of a sticky layer for the foil to stick to some don't, even some colours within the same brand will sometimes leave a different level of stickiness, you'll need to check your specific brand. Foils over normal nail polish will definitely need foil glue, make...
  6. Trinity

    Refreshment serving ideas

    None, I want their hands on the desk at all times, picking up food/drinks etc is a recipe for disaster. You also run the risk of ingesting dust/debris/etc.
  7. Trinity

    LEDdot lamp - buy it now or wait until Black Friday?

    S2 never do VAT free days, they don't often do discounts, sometimes for trade show weekends (like the weekend before last) but only on certain things not site wide. I've only seen lamp deals with pre-order not on 'normal' stock. Light Elegance is a new brand to their range so they may do...
  8. Trinity

    New file for each client?

    I use a set of abrasives for each client, they are sanitised and stored with their client record card and re-sanitised at the start of each service.
  9. Trinity

    Gel, file and what else?

    You won't otherwise there would be no point in us spending all that time doing it. At things like fairs, you're better off doing normal nail polish and a bit of glitter/simple nail art
  10. Trinity

    Home salon/nail art prices

    I calculate them based on my hourly rate and expenses. I'm not bothered what others charge, I know what I expect to earn, I know my worth and charge it. If clients want cheap nails they can go elsewhere and get them. I do quality work and I want quality clients who appreciate that and are...
  11. Trinity

    What would you do?

    Shorten down a much as possible to minimise the chance of catching it on clothing etc. Lots of cuticle oil for the next few days, you might get away with a short natural nail overlay just before you go away for extra strength.
  12. Trinity

    Gel cracking/splitting after 24 hours

    Zip for thumbs definitely Ring finger not so much (pointer often)
  13. Trinity

    Gel cracking/splitting after 24 hours

    Nibbled I suspect, could be chipping....are you using the correct lamp for your chosen system?
  14. Trinity

    Tips falling off when shaping

    There is no strength from the tips or glue. The strength of an overlay is in the structure, you should have been taught this on your course. Stress apex and spine placement. Breakages are strength issues Popping off/lifting are prep issues, or incorrect ratio, usually for beginners it's...
  15. Trinity

    Air bubbles in my acrylic

    Disagree Explain why you think that?
  16. Trinity

    Air bubbles in my acrylic

    That doesn't make any difference
  17. Trinity

    Elderly client/dirty nails

    Absolutely the right thing to do, failing that on arrival giver her a nail brush and send her to the sink to scrub her own nails.
  18. Trinity

    CND UV lamp bulbs

    You won't know, gel polish will harden at 50% cured but it's not fully cured and uncured product on the skin leads to potential allergy and over exposure. This is your business, your career and your reputation - don't skimp on yourself
  19. Trinity

    CND UV lamp bulbs

    Unlikely to be honest, the CND lamp is quite specific regarding the light spectrum range it cures at, that's not to say a specialist lamp company won't have them. Lets face it CND bought them from somewhere in the first place to put in the lamps, so someone sells them, it's just tracking them...
  20. Trinity

    CND UV lamp bulbs

    No, it's not about wattage (thats the amount of electricity they use) it's about the spectrum of light they emit.