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    Lash swap Manchester?

    Hi girls anyone fancy a lash swap in Walkden manchester or if not a swap please message me as I need someone mobile desperately as my girls moved to London gutted!x Ps sorry if this is posted in the wrong place can't work this on my I pad!x
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    Blood shot eyes after semi permanent lashes

    Ok so quick query has anyone found any clients after applying semi permanent lashes have severely bloodshot eyes? Not a usual reaction to the fumes this last a couple of days each time she has them infills it doesn't seem to be an allergic reaction as I've had clients before whose skin has...
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    Feedback and help on website please Hi guys I'm just finalising this testimonials will be going up but want to include some images and wondered what you think it's important to include? I'm thinking lashes a picture of a party going on...what else do you think??Thanks
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    Spray tanning men

    Hi guys I know this has been covered before but I can't find anything on search! So as the title suggests I have my first ever male client on Tuesday and just wanted some tips please!? Thanks in advance x
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    Waxing course recommendation Manchester

    Hi all - well I like to share when I've received good training as we all no its invaluable to learn something right the first time rather than paying out for more training! I did the intimate waxing course with Julie at sanctuary 12 it was excellent value for money as I had one to one training...
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    iPad apps

    Hi guys I know there's a couple of threads on this but I'm wanting an app that ideally I can manage everything on. So not just appointment booking but accounts and reports too. I would like if anyone can recommend something that I can input my price list or total per appointment and the app...
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    Hi guys I'm looking at getting an iPad for business use only for those of you that use them do you use 3G or do you think I would be ok using just wifi?advice please!
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    OMG new Shellac Racks whoop!!

    Hi all has anyone seen the new racks omg they are AMAZING I cannot wait for them to be availble!!! Really hope they dont break the bank too!! Sweetsquared have put pics on facebook its all just too exciting I feel lightheaded and giddy ha ha!!
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    TPTW Are you a positive person or a negative one??

    Ok guys well I am a very positive person and strongly believe in 'the law of attraction'. If you are happy you attract more happiness, if you are sad the same.... I believe there are positives in EVERY situation, even when somthing goes wrong, there is usually somthing we can learn from it...
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    Aftercare leaflets one for each service??

    Hi guys Im just getting my aftercare leaflets designed and wondered if you have a leaflet per treatment or all on one - which is what Id like to do ideally. So a fold out leaflet for nails waxing lashes and tanning?? what are your thoughts?? Thanks Hayley
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    What do you put your logo on? ...cups?

    Hi Guys Im just putting finishing touches to my home salon and I need tea cups - I have a purple and black and white colour scheme, audrey hepburn style chic, fabulous, classy,coco channel ..... you get the picture!! So my question is I need some tea cups and wondered if youd mind givinbg me...
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    Shellac over enhancements - base coat?

    Hi guys Quick question, do you all use the base coat when applying shellac over gel or acrylic or do you start with the first colour coat, Ive read conflicting info and Im now confused!! Ive usually used the base coat?:confused:
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    EE mobile in Walkden?

    Hi guys hope Im posting in the right place I need someone mobile to take over doing my eyelashes as Ive just moved to walkden/worsley anyone fancy a new client!!?? Ps I am trained myself so if anyone want to do a swap Im up for that too??x
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    TPTW - The best advice you've ever been given?

    Ok so Ive just finished my Brisa gel course today, and needless to say loved it! After the course we were asked to fill out a feedback form, one of the questions being where did you hear about the course... The answer of course salon geek! Without this site I would have been on goodness...
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    Initial new logo your opinions please

    .... these are the 2 I like your thoughts please??? Have made an album not sure if its worked?? let me know if you still cant see these!? thanks
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    christmas konad

    Ordered my xmas konad plate today its getting very near that time!!! I cant wait its also my first xmas as a mummy although ive been a step mummy for 7 years!! Getting that xmas feelin!!:D
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    Peeling natural nails .. which system?

    Ok so I shellaced a client sunday and she has today sent me a pic her nail has chipped/peeled at the edge ... i am Shellac trained not had any previous problems ... flick over free edge etc etc I am slightly nervous I have applied to thickly but if this is the case would all her nails be...
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    cnd training leigh

    Hi Guys Anyone on the foundation course tommorow??:D
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    Kim Lawless waxing training in manchester

    Hi everyone just wondering if anyone would be interested in Kim Lawless waxing training in manchester?? Kim has said she would travel if there is a big enough group ... let me know!!:D
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    Babies and business!

    Hi guys I have a baby 5 weeks old and have read a lot of people have set up business's to work around their children - which is my reason for doing so as I have come from retail management well paid but high pressure and long hours with no extra pay particularly at xmas when I would have to...