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  1. Silver Fern

    Congratulations to ZoZo on the birth of her baby boy!

    Baby Felix arrived at 2.25am - Zoe is fine. Picture hopefully attached
  2. Silver Fern

    Home Salon Retail Display

    I have a small room at home which I have as my salon but need somewhere to display retail items - what do you all use? At the moment I have a wardrobe for towels/ gowns/ headbands/ paperwork/ products. A dresser for some retail items but it also holds all my pro facial products and polishes...
  3. Silver Fern

    Babyliss double wax heater

    I bought this at a beauty show a couple of years ago but have only just started using it - but have problems!! Even keeping the temp setting to the lowest possible setting the wax is getting really hot after just a couple of hours of being on - this is impossible for me to use - I have to...
  4. Silver Fern

    HELP!! Soft nails and peeling product

    Hi, I have a client who has has really soft nails, very weak. She had had gel nails on before she came to me and wans't impressed with the state of her nails. I have used shellac, thorough prep, she assures me she has used solar oil twice daily but a couple of nails just peeled off within a...
  5. Silver Fern

    When do you bin your files?

    I'm trying to make sure I'm pricing my treatments right so am working out what every treatment costs me down to how many treatments I can get out a nail file! So for 240/240 grit files, after how many treatments would you bin them and use a new one? I know some nails require more filing than...
  6. Silver Fern

    Any shellac nail geeks in Pimlico?

    My aunt lives in Pimlico and wants shellac but I live in Rugby! Anyone out there who can help? She needs a wheelchair friendly salon or a mobile tech :) Many thanks, Natalya
  7. Silver Fern

    Feeling fed-up and in need of a moan - sorry!

    I broke my left wrist last Feb and had a plate fitted followed by 3 months of physio, then more physio later in the year. Unfortunately it has not been right since and the medication they have put me on now is making me tired but unable to sleep, dizzy and downright miserable :( i'm back to...
  8. Silver Fern

    Claiming for towel washing/drying

    Question for all the self-employed geeks out there :) When doing your self-employed tax return how much do you claim for washing/drying towels - do you work out how much it would cost per load and keep track? and if you do work it out, how??? Thanks in advance! Natalya x
  9. Silver Fern

    Changing business tagline

    Hi, I have recently moved house and now have a treatment room at home. I'm having my brochures re-done in March and would like to change my tagline which is currently "salon quality treatments in the privacy of your own home" but am struggling as to what to do instead. I want existing clients...
  10. Silver Fern

    Shellac geeks in Leamington Spa?

    I have a client in Leamington Spa who has Shellac and I am trying to cut back on my mobile services so wondered if there are any shellac geeks closer to Leamington than Rugby?
  11. Silver Fern

    What smells transport you back to childhood?

    I've just polished my boys school shoes and every time I do it takes me straight back to Sunday evenings and watching my Dad while he polished our school shoes and eventually him teaching me how to do it. I love it x Anyone else got any smells that take them back to nice cosy childhood times?
  12. Silver Fern

    Mobile gel nail geek needed in Leicester

    Hi, I have a lady calling me from Leicester for a mobile tech to do some gel nails - given that I'm in Rugby it is a little out of my way :lol: Are there any techs that would be happy for me to pass their number on to her? Thanks!!
  13. Silver Fern

    Lava shells and mobile therapists

    Are there any other mobile therapists out there who can talk to me about lava shells? I'm doing the course on Wednesday and very excited about it but would love to talk to another mobile therapist who's already offering it as a treatment and see how they're getting on? Thanks
  14. Silver Fern

    Bridal make-up person needed 1st August in Lichfield

    I have been contacted through my website and asked to do wedding make-up for bride and bridesmaids on 1st August but I am busy that day and also it is over an hour away from me! Are there any make-up geeks free and nearer to Lichfield who would like me to pass their details on? Cheers...
  15. Silver Fern

    calgel and blood pressure medication

    and cholesterol medication.... ...does anyone have any experience of these reacting with calgel? I did a full set of french overlays on a client and 2 days later she called to say one had come off completely. She phoned on the Friday evening when I was working so I called back Saturday...
  16. Silver Fern

    Sienna X 12.5%

    Just a quickie, first time I used this last night and I love the smell - it's gorgeous! My client really liked it too so that was a major bonus!
  17. Silver Fern

    So excited!!

    I got my delivery of my banner and stand today along with a t-shirt, pens and car magnets. I'm attending a couple of events so I figured I'd make an impact!! Please see my album pics and let me know what you think...
  18. Silver Fern

    Starting waxing again...

    .... and feel like I'm making a right hash of it! It's been just over 9 weeks since I broke my wrist and I had my first waxing client last night. It's been ages anyway that I had any regular waxing practice - July last year just before we moved house! Anyway, it took me an hour and a...
  19. Silver Fern

    Wholesaler in Coventry area??

    Does anyone know which beauty wholesalers are in the coventry area and where they are? Have not been in this area long and need to get a few bits and bobs. thanks
  20. Silver Fern

    School Indulgence evening

    Hi geeks, I am signed up at a local school to do one of these next Wednesday - supposedly offering hand & arm massage treatments or file and polish. Howver, as some of you know, I broke my left arm quite spectacularly 3 weeks ago so am unsure of how much I could do - massage would have to be...