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  1. Pinkprincess73

    6 year old with glued on nails!!

    My sister has just called me, furious, as her 6 year old daughter has just returned from a birthday party at the local crapola chav salon with stuck on nails! She thought she would be having them polished only, I'm really shocked as I'm now going to have to remove them for her, My sister called...
  2. Pinkprincess73

    Has anyone got a Roby voucher code?

    Hi just wondered if anyone had a Florence roby voucher code they wouldn't mind sharing, mine has expired :(
  3. Pinkprincess73

    Deal or no deal

    Right own up! who else was bubbling like an idiot when the young girl won the £250,000!!! today :)
  4. Pinkprincess73

    Green dot

    Hi just wondered on the phone app, the green dot next to your name, does it expire or did I get unliked hehe, don't think I said anything to offend anyone :blushes: