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  1. kylieb

    Changing from Shellac to Gelish

    I have hardly anyone asking me for Shellac any more but seem to be getting a lot of enquiries about Gelish. A lot of clients are just peed off with the colour choice. I understand there are more colours coming but they don't compare to Gelish. Shellac seems to be too plain for my ladies. They...
  2. kylieb

    Love lite

    Is anyone on the love lite teeth whitening course on monday?
  3. kylieb

    Insurance renewal- confused?

    Hi all, I'm Hoping that someone can tell me if im right or wrong here. I'm insured with Salon Gold. I got a letter to say that I need to renew as my policy runs out on the 8th April. It says 'in order to maintain cover under this policy, please ensure your cover reaches us by the renewal...
  4. kylieb

    Flirties glue

    Can anyone tell me if the odour free glue seems to dry as quick as the expert strength and do you find it lasts as long? I really like the expert strength but im finding it takes longer as I find myself having to add 5 or so minutes to the end of the treatment to allow the fumes to disappear...
  5. kylieb

    Gelish v Shellac

    Can anyone that uses BOTH or has used please tell me the difference in product? I currently stock Shellac but there's just not enough colours for everyone & Gelish seem to have loads. It is worth investing in or would you not bother? Thank you -x-
  6. kylieb

    Gift Voucher expiry

    Im just wondering if you all stick to the rules of the expiry dates on your gift vouchers? The reason I ask is because I don't know if I'm just being mean but I'm fed up with people taking the mick. I put an expiration period on my vouchers of 6 months. Most salons are 3 months. So they have...
  7. kylieb

    Hair extensions

    Hi guys, I have a quck question for anyone that does hair extensions. I am qualifed in Micro rings & Bonds and I really want to use the shrinkies. Seeing as it's kind of both of these methods into I have to do a seperate course in shrinkies to be able to provide this as a service...
  8. kylieb

    Teeth whitening argh!!!

    I'm so confused ive read so much info on courses, heard about therapists getting taken to court beacuse theyve used peroxide and training schools giving out the wrong info. I would love to hear from any therapists that offer this as a service and where to go thats legal to train? Please guys...
  9. kylieb

    Flexilash- where's it gone :(

    I did my training for EE and in the kit was a bottle of glue called flex lash. I was told I could buy it from Glam lash, which I did but its just not the same. The first bottle just went quite runny when it had come to the end of its day and the glam lash one that ordered goes off really...
  10. kylieb

    Vista Print v's Moon Fruit websites

    I'd like to hear opinions from anyone that has tried both. I currently have the pro package with Vista Print for my beauty business. I am going into hair extensions and want to set up a complete new website just for this. I have seen some lovely Mooonfruit sites and it appears you can do a lot...
  11. kylieb

    Belle hair extensions. Are they a real company?

    I'm getting worried now as me and my friend changed our course date to a nearer one and despite countless phone calls, voice messages, emails and texts from both of us, they just never answer!! They have both of our deposits and were supposed to send us an email confirming the new venue. With...
  12. kylieb

    Capital Hair and beauty selling to your clients?

    I had a client who asked me to order her some mascara so she could buy this an her sp lash appointment, which I did. She turns up to have her lashes done only to tell me that she doesn't need the mascara as she bought in it Capital because its exactly the same but cheaper (obv im not selling it...
  13. kylieb

    Clients buying their own tanning kits

    Is anyone finding there clients are talking about doing this? I have a few clients that have bought the whole pro kit - no training or anything and they now get their mum/friend to spray them! Then text me asking me for advice!!! :mad: Has anyone else got clients doing this? I don't think...
  14. kylieb

    Skin Base

    Does anyone else use Skin Base for Microdermabrasion? I am interested to know do you use the pay as you go system or have you bought your machine outright? I have just started on the pay as you go system. I am really impressed with their fantastic customer service and training. I was expecting...
  15. kylieb

    Microdermabrasion & Milia

    Can anyone tell me if you can use Microdermabrasion on Milia? and if so is it effective? Thanks in advance
  16. kylieb

    Before and after pics

    Hi there, Ive seen a few of you doing before and after pictures by putting them both together. How do you do this? I'm on Myscara training tomorrow so thought it would be great to be able to do this for my case study pictures. Thanks in advance Kylie -x-
  17. kylieb

    Cry Baby or MYscara?

    I'm looking to train in the new lash dip. Not sure what th difference is apart from a massive difference in price? Cry Baby claims to last 2 weeks while MYscara says upto 6 weeks. Does anyone know which company is best to go with? Id be really interested to hear from anyone who has had the...
  18. kylieb

    CND Tunic

    Does anyone have one that can tell me what the fit is like? Do they come up just right or did you need bigger or smaller? I absolutely love them. I neeeed one!! :) Thank you ladies (and gents if you wear one :eek:)
  19. kylieb

    Therapist locator on Sienna x website

    Hi geeks, I'm just wondering if any of you pay to be listed on the Sienna x website and if you do then how are you finding it? Is it getting you any business and how would you know? Just wondering if I should do this or put my money into advertising in something else. It would be...
  20. kylieb

    Renewing a Vistaprint website

    Could anyone tell me how you go about paying for your next years website with Vistaprint. I'm hoping they don't automatically take it from my card as I have changed accounts :irked: I'm hoping someone can help as it's due to expire on the 20th. Thank you Kylie