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  1. Mrs Gadget

    Mobile Tanning

    I've just bought my mobile tanning kit from Sienna, but would like to know for those of you that do tanning mobile, how do you carry around your products and equipment? Do you use a case or a big bag to carry it around. Regards Julie
  2. Mrs Gadget

    Nail Art- Glitter Tips in Aston Villa club colours

    Hi, I'm in need of some help and wondered if any nail techs on the forum could possibly help me. One of my clients today has asked me if I can do her nails with the Aston Villa club colours, ie Claret tips, with a Blue smile line, and if possible putting the club logo in her thumb nails. I...
  3. Mrs Gadget

    Help - Nail Art - Indian Wedding

    Hi I have an indian client who is getting married in July and she wants red/gold nailart. I dont particularly like freehand nail art and take the easy option of 3d flowers/gems which I embed, have suggested flicks and gems to her but she doesnt want that, so I'm stuck basically. If anyone...
  4. Mrs Gadget


    Babe Can you empty your pm box, am trying to pm you. Ju xxx
  5. Mrs Gadget


    This should be taught in all maths classes! From a strictly mathematical viewpoint it goes like this: What makes 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%? We have all been to those meetings where someone wants...
  6. Mrs Gadget

    Hand Painted Nail Art

    Hi have got a wedding party to do end May and just wondered if any geeks could help me in trying to find some websites that cover hand painted nail art. My wedding party is after flicks, flowers, dots and gems, have trawled the internet for over 2 hours to no joy. I can do airbrushed nail...
  7. Mrs Gadget

    Nail Technician wanted, Harrogate or York

    Hi am looking for a nail tech in either of these areas. One of my clients moved to Harrogate last week, she's happy to come down to me every 3 weeks because I do her friends nails as well, but told her I would post asking if there were any technicians in her area, preferably Creative Nail...
  8. Mrs Gadget

    Antony Buckley 2 Colour Fade with Embossed Flower

    Was my friend Claire's model today on her Ezflow Design Course in Bolton with Antony, he did a nail for me, it's in my gallery.
  9. Mrs Gadget

    Looking for Nail Technician - Northern California

    One of my clients is moving to Los Gatos, Northern California in March of this year, she has asked me to find her a Nail Technician which does sculptured acrylic preferably Creative Nail Design products too if possible. The nearest town to her is San Jose, if there are any technicians that...
  10. Mrs Gadget

    NVQ Level 3 Evidence Codes

    Please help, I have got my final assessment tomorrow at OSNS MK with Kelly Swain and I need to finish my cross referencing of my NVQ workbook but I cannot find the evidence codes. If anyone can post them for me I would appreciate it, can do some of the cross referencing but need the codes to...
  11. Mrs Gadget

    MSDS Info for Brisa and Moxie HELP!!

    Have been onto both Designer Nails and Creative 4 Pro's websites but cannot find MSDS sheets for either Brisa or Moxie. Have got a Health & Safety Inspection at salon on Tuesday and just wanted to make sure my MSDS file is up to date but I cannot find the MSDS info on the above 2 products...
  12. Mrs Gadget

    Hot Oil Manicure

    Had a heated discussion in the salon today with one of my technicians regarding hot oil manicure, I was taught not to apply varnish after the manicure as the oil needs to absorb into nailplate/cuticle area - because obviously it is a treatment manicure for dry/brittle nails etc anyway my...
  13. Mrs Gadget

    Lulu Handbag

    Got one of these at OSNS Milton Keynes today, am well chuffed with it, a birthday pressie to myself lol. Jue xxx
  14. Mrs Gadget

    Cobalt Blue Tips

    Did these on a client today, I know my smile lines are not deep but I tend to follow the natural smile line. Am hopefully going to do a 1-2-1 with Anne Swain to perfect this but until then I shall carry on what I am doing. I mixed the blue with brilliant white to make them a little...
  15. Mrs Gadget

    Masters Qualification Day

    Just thought I would let you all know that I passed me Masters at Milton Keynes with Anne today. I am so happy I feel like bursting :)
  16. Mrs Gadget

    Telfast Steroid

    One of my clients takes this medication on a regular basis and she has a lot of pocket lifting and nails missing. I have taken her enhancements off for now because I do not want to keep putting her full sets on every 2 weeks. I told her I would put this question to my fellow geeks/geekettes...
  17. Mrs Gadget

    Question about chevron on nails

    Had a client in yesterday who wanted chevrons on her nails where her smile line should be, she didnt want airbrushing and I have never sculpted these before, I didnt know whether or not to pre-taylor a tip ie cut out the V into the well but when I tried this it looked ok but the sides of the tip...
  18. Mrs Gadget

    MMA client

    Was absolutely appalled today I had a new client booked in for a rebalance she has just moved up to our area from Harrow and was horrified to find that her nails had been done in an NSS :mad: , where they had drilled her natural nails before applying tips and she has rings of fire and indents...
  19. Mrs Gadget

    Check out our new website

    Hi All Opened salon on Saturday business was very good had a lot of enquiries etc etc Anyway I have had a website built, so check it out if you can, any comments greatly appreciated, I would like to thank Nicole at Designer Nails once again for letting me use of the images on the site...
  20. Mrs Gadget

    118ml Nailfresh

    Went to Ellisons, Coventry today to get some of this but they had none, they told me that Designer Nails are discontinuing this, is this true? When I enquired at Excel about this, I was told that it would be at G-mex next week, sure do hope so as its more cost effective to buy this size...