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  1. stacylouise

    Naked tan client

    got a woman who wants to go completely naked, my first thought was do i stop at the hip like usual or go straight down the body and down the leg in one stroke? also how would i spray when it comes to the front of her ladybits lol! x
  2. stacylouise

    Kim lawless training today!

    everyone needs to book a course with this amazing lady, she is such a lovely kind person its unreal :Love: really enjoyed myself today, back again tomorrow xxx
  3. stacylouise

    No tan lines but still protect your modesty

    i thought these looked amazing Modesty Tanning Underwear - Underpants for Tanning, Medical & Sport - The Modesty < i came across them when i was looking for disposables, yesterday a client of mines said she would love to get a spray tan with no tan lines but she didn't want to feel even...
  4. stacylouise

    Seriously, so angry

    Apparently there's this video making the round over facebook and blackberry messenger of that woman beating the baby, who in there right mind would watch something like that? and to make it worse people are passing the link about actually wanting to see this WTF!! i am so angry right now i will...
  5. stacylouise

    Client wants her tan darker!

    i sprayed a client today with a 10% but shes just contacted me asking if i would spray her again as she would like it darker, can i do this or will it muck up?
  6. stacylouise

    Kim Lawless!!

    all booked up for my course with kim in edinburgh, im so excited. Any fellow geeks going? ! x
  7. stacylouise

    Kim lawless!!!

  8. stacylouise

    Nouvatan Fast Tan!

    Im thinking of doing a charity spray where the money i get from a bottle of tan will go straight to charity, it gets my name out there more and i get to do something amazing for charity. i was thinking about just using a fast tan that way its lots of different shades in one bottle. Do you think...
  9. stacylouise

    How to make your own nail decals/transfers?

    Does anyone know how you would make nail transfers or have a tutorial on them, i assume it would be a specific paper and an editing program but im just wondering how they would be made and how you would get the curve at the bottom?. I think if you were able to make them yourself you wouldn't be...
  10. stacylouise


    I know alot of people dont believe in them ect.. i was at one tonight who got everything spot on to the point where i was in tears because what he was saying, there was no way he could have gotten that information from somewhere or guessed it! what are your views on them?
  11. stacylouise

    Party lash training in Paisley/Glasgow

    anyone know any companies who offer this? cant see to find one thats close to me x
  12. stacylouise

    NSI in Hillington, Scotland

    just booked my acrylic course with them for march :D so excited! has anyone else trained with them? did you like it? xx
  13. stacylouise

    £7 tans !

    theres someone in my town doing tans for £7 using crazy angel! i ranted about it on facebook and she said she can charge so low because she buys in bulk! its peeing me right off!! i love tanning and not to toot my own horn or anything but im really good at it, thinking about starting my own home...
  14. stacylouise

    Scars and spray tans

    i have a client coming in and she has a large old scar on her chest from a heart operation, will it be ok just to spray over yeah?
  15. stacylouise

    Booster drops

    i have just purchased 3 litres of brown bitz tan! but i saw on their site that they dont sell booster drops! alot of my clients like a dark tan! would it be ok to buy any booster drops and put them in? xxx
  16. stacylouise

    Patchy neck

    i had 8 clients in yesterday, as far as i know all them are fine except one girls, she has a patchy neck, now automatically i think she hasnt exfoliated the neck properly as its easy to miss how can i fix this for her? shes going out for new year and i dont want a bad rep lol xx
  17. stacylouise

    Lash/brow tinting course

    hiya i'm looking for a lash/brow tinting course that trains on a weekend, i have agoraphobia and take severe panic attacks and will need my mum to take me but she works during the week, also is there any trainers that could come to your home and teach you? i done this with tanning but i don't...
  18. stacylouise

    Psoriasis & Spray Tans x

    I have a client who has pretty bad psoriasis on her hands! now i have it on my elbows and from experience i know that it grabs and thats with barrier cream applied! would i just put on a thicker layer? i use aqueous cream xx
  19. stacylouise

    OMG tanning solution!

    i have only been spray tanning about a month but i'm getting really good tans, i have been spraying family with samples, but now i'm getting people asking me for tans! i got 3 litres of OMG solution with my kit, but looking on here i see that it is getting mixed reviews and i don't want to spray...
  20. stacylouise

    Eyelash Extensions

    Do you think its possible to learn these in 1 day? I understand that im not gonna pick it up straight away and i will need tons of practise but im one of these people that needs to perfect what i do before i get let loose on clients, i take really bad panic attacks and have agoraphobia so i cant...