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    Eyelash extensions

    Hi :) I trained at the end of May. My course didn't require case studies. I struggled so so much! I watched hours and hours of videos on YouTube! I practised isolating lashes on my boyfriend & 9 year old! I also bought a training face on Amazon. It takes lots of practice but you'll get there...
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    Pre-made fans, help!

    Hi :) I've been trained in lashes for about 3 months now. I go between classics & hybrids. I've had a lot of interest for russians. My question is... what fans should I use? For doing hybrids, my fans are 5D- should I use the same for russians or should I do smaller? Thanks :)
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    Russian lashes

    Hi :) I qualified 2 months ago in eyelash extensions. Training was pretty basic although lots of reading here & YouTube videos has helped massively! I'm confident doing classics & hybrids. I have clients wanting Russians and I have the absolute fear!!! I know fans are used. I stock 4d & 5d at...
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    Lash extension questions

    I use Tatti Lashes as my main brand! I use my 13 & 14mm in Lashbase because I bought a XL tray! My favourite glue so far is the Luxury Eye one. I havent been too impressed with the Tatti Lash glue!
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    Eyelash extension dilemma!

    I was trained using Dollcee dolls. I now use Tatti Lashes & Lashbase! I think it's just trying a few and seeing what works best for you!
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    Best value lash extension trays

    I absolutely love the Lashbase XL pre made fans. They're about £27 a box. Tatti Lashes are also a favourite!
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    Lash extension prices

    Hi :) I done a training in Classics, Hybrids & Russians last month. I practised a lot on my friends to begin with and didn't charge them. I'm now feel much more confident to charge. I put on a special price to begin with just to practise more and also gain clients! I made sure I made it known...
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    First post & first set of lashes

    Hi Ashley! Yep just the one eye.. Not even a training eye or anything. So it was pretty difficult doing the first set. I've been watching YouTube videos & practicing on my boyfriend to isolate his lashes! Thank you for your comments :)
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    Russian lashes brands?

    Hi! I trained on Monday and we used the dolcee dolls ones. But I bought ones from salon services just to practice with and so far they seem to work better for me! I've read people using lash base and flirties x
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    The Beauty Academy courses

    Hi :) I looked at training with them and luckily done a Google search and found terrible reviews!
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    First post & first set of lashes

    Thank you for your reply :) I'm hoping so! The first few times will be hard and then hopefully once I get into it, it'll just work!
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    First post & first set of lashes

    Hi! I completed a one day eyelash diploma yesterday. We got to practice on one eye...which was quite disappointing! I got straight into it today and done my first set on my friend. I was absolutely terrified doing them and I know they are far from perfect. I've attached a pic from today.