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  1. Soph36

    Mobile make up artists near me?

    Hi there, I'm looking for a mobile make up artist near me. Need help with make up techniques and using the right make up for my skin. I live in Marlborough, Wiltshire. Thank you x
  2. Soph36

    Skin redness

    Hey geeks, Wondered if any one knows how/what I can do about the redness in my cheeks? They are constantly red and I can cover up with loads of make up but I am going on holiday soon and I don't want to be wearing make up through the day! The photo doesn't look to bad but they are redder than...
  3. Soph36

    Facebook page/group

    Hey guys, Thought I would set up a page or group on Facebook so I can post my work. Do any of you have one? If so do you have a page or a group? Not sure what the difference is! Thanks x x x
  4. Soph36

    Facebook page/group

  5. Soph36

    Help leaving job!

    Hey geeks Didn't really know where to put this but here goes.. I'm currently in a full time job that I hate, work weekends and it's starting to really stress me out n I'm getting anxiety attacks that iv never suffered with before and it's starting to really get me down! I do a little bit of...
  6. Soph36

    Foundation help!

    Make up geeks, I need some advice! I used to wear Clarins foundation n like it but can't afford the price tag so have bought some cheaper ones n but haven't quite been able to find the right shade!! (Hard to do it in the shops n always looks different in natural light) My problem is that...
  7. Soph36

    LVL lashes

    Hey guys, Would like some info on LVL lashes! Would love to do the course but just wanted to know a few bits! Iv seen you can get starter kits but it doesn't say anything about buying bits individually if you run out of a certain thing? Just after some advice on where u purchase your stock! Any...
  8. Soph36

    Advice on make up removers?

    Hey geeks, I'm struggling to find a good make up remover, just wondering what u all use to take your make up off?? At the moment I'm using Vichy 3 in 1 cleanser and make up remover, it's ok but takes a while to take all the make up off. Have tried a few recently and just can't seem to...
  9. Soph36

    Waterproof foundation?

    He geeks, My friend has just asked me whether u can get waterproof foundation?? She has bad skin and is going to a hen party where they are doing water rafting and she's scared all of her foundation will come off Thanks in advance x
  10. Soph36

    Pastel coral Shellac?

    Does anyone know if there's a layering combo for a pastel coral?? Many thanks
  11. Soph36

    Fabric netting and clear tips

    Hey all, does anyone know where I can get fabric netting and a small amount if clear formation tips from?? I need them for my shellac art and style course but can't find them in stock on s2 or ellisons!! Thanks x x
  12. Soph36

    Fake Shellac

    One of my colleagues at work who i dont get on with that well asked me to shellac her nails a few weeks ago just for a treat and all went well n she was very happy with them!! Since then she has brought a cheap gel kit from sallys (not sure what brand) and she's started to use that which is fine...
  13. Soph36

    Shellac in the cold/heat

    I was just wondering... I work full time doing another job and just do beauty work in the evenings as iv just started and about to move but when I have a client I take all my shellac kit with me and its in the car all day. Just wondered if its ok in there and does the heat/cold effect it in...
  14. Soph36

    Where can I get Brisa Lite Smoothing gel?

    Hey guys I just went to buy the brisa lite smoothing gel pack on s2 and it's sold out!! Any one know when it's coming back into stock or where else I can get ur from?? Also really want this additives set but that's sold out too!! 😔 X x x
  15. Soph36

    Shellac removal

    My friend had her shellac taken off yesterday where she normally goes as she is going to come to me instead! I have just looked at her nails and they are very thin and flaky all the way up the nail bed!! Her nails are normally strong but this time for some reason they have got in a poor...
  16. Soph36

    What next with nails?

    Hey guys I am currently shellac trained and now I want to move to the next stage and want to try something else which I can use aswell!! Which system do u think will be the next to train with and would be the best to offer to my clients?? Any advice?? Thanku x x
  17. Soph36

    Facial Cleansers and toners!

    Hey guys, What facial cleansers and toners would you recommend for your clients for daily use? X
  18. Soph36

    Advice for just starting out!

    Hey guys, iv just qualified and I'm going to do mobile beauty therapy but I'm not going to do it until after Xmas as I want a bit of time practising on friends and family to start with just so I'm a bit more confident!! Just would like to know your views and advice on just starting out and the...
  19. Soph36

    Eyelash extensions

    Hey guys, What's the best glue you use for individual eyelash extensions?? x thanks x
  20. Soph36

    Shellac help

    Hey, I'm newly qualified and struggling with getting the shellac close to the cuticles, any advice?? Much appreciated!! X