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  1. sophiegees

    Surgical Spirit and waxing

    Just a quick question - is surgical spirit of any use for waxing? I have a huge bottle which I bought ages ago for removing wax from equipment and its never been used (havent done any waxing is the reason...). My daughter is now starting waxing and have bought here seraclean - equipment cleaner...
  2. sophiegees

    Hive Midi Therm paraffin wax bath

    Hi Wondered if you could help. I am probably being a bit stupid here - but with the grate it says to put it in after the wax has melted. No?w when you have finished and turn the unit off so wax goes solid, do you take the grate out - or does it stay in? Wondered if the putting in of the...
  3. sophiegees

    What qualification is needed to do a paraffin wax treatment on the face?

    Hi I would like to provide facial paraffin wax treatments. I am thinking perhaps I not be qualified to do this though. I have my manicure and pedicure qualification and paraffin wax was demonstrated in that for the hands and feet. So I know I can do that.I also do oriental face massage -...
  4. sophiegees

    I Love Vinylux!

    I had to write this. I love using Vinylux so much. I am concentrating on using Vinylux as a service right now and have found something I feel confident in doing, its quick and its lasting forever on nails! I have people 9 days on with still perfect nails! Its been a mixture of clients and...
  5. sophiegees

    Can you use pre-blended oils without an aromatherapy qualification?

    I am sorry this is probably something I should know, but dont unfortunately. When doing a spa manicure or pedicure, or massage, can you use the pre-blended essential massage oils - or do you need an aromatherapy qualification. I am thinking you dont need one as long as its pre-blended, but...
  6. sophiegees

    Epic fail at waxing

    OK, so I got my waxing certificate a couple of years ago and never really did it after. Thought I would do some practice and maybe in the future offer it. Well I dont think so..... There was wax literally everywhere - my hand was stuck to my top, pulled it off with half my skin....My gloves...
  7. sophiegees

    Do you leave paraffin wax in heater all the time?

    I am thinking of offering paraffin wax. My question is about what you do with the wax in the heater once you have performed the treatment. So Im thinking, heat the wax up, scoop it into plastic bags and put clients hands or feet in bag, put booties/mitts on top (not heated ones). Take wax off...
  8. sophiegees

    Do you think this therapy chair is suitable?

    I have limited space and am thinking of buying this hydraulic therapy chair. (It full reclines). Beautelle | Therapy Chairs | Salon Chairs | Beauty Chairs I was hoping for it to be used for the following, and wondered whether you think it would be suitable Pedicures Waxing Eyelash...
  9. sophiegees

    Yaaaaaay It's Vinylux Day!

    18 hours to go - yaaaaaaaaaay. I am hoping the wall rack with all the colours is available. I have never been so excited about a new product, but Vinylux has captured my imagination. I am relaunching my business after a year or so and see so many advantages with Vinylux for both clients and...
  10. sophiegees

    New start with Shellac

    Hi I started doing shellac last October, had problems as I could not do it correctly and gave up. Bought gelish and could do that so started offering that until March of this year. Have had a break from it all since march and am now going to re-embark on doing nails on a part time basis...
  11. sophiegees

    New beauty and nails retail business

    Hi I wonder if anyone can advise on beauty and nail professional products that I could retail. I plan on OPI nail polishes, solar oil and am going to make up some magiwrap remover kits - if anyone can give me some ideas I would be grateful. I will also be selling a 'cheap and cheerful'...
  12. sophiegees

    Medi Pedis - What Do You Think?

    Do you think Medi Pedis would be a popular treatment to offer? It would be a combined foot health and beauty treatment. I have seen that some people offer it in the UK - wonder if anyone has any views or experience of these. It would be the foot health bit - so appropriate foot care treatment...
  13. sophiegees

    VRQ reflexology qualification

    Hi guys I wonder if anyone could tell me if it is worth doing the VRQ qualification in reflexology. Carlton offer it as an extra you can after their normal 2 day course - I was wondering if it was worth doing it or not - like is it recognised by anyone. Many thanks xx
  14. sophiegees

    Reflexology - how is it for you?

    Ok, I have my holistic head on now. I started my distance learning course in reflexology over a year ago and am on assignment 20 of 28..... long drag or what. Anyhow I know I have to go do a practical course on top and am keen to get this done in the next few months. So my question is, is...
  15. sophiegees

    Fed up with Removing Gelish for £3.00

    Ok, got myself in a bit of a pricing mess. Started October - had lots of problems - nearly gave up - then it all went ok as I started using Gelish. Anyhow I was/am charging £15 for Gelish application and £18 for Gelish including removal. It takes me an hour to apply gelish and half an hour to...
  16. sophiegees

    Eyebrow Waxing or Tweezering?

    I have just qualified recently on waxing and also eyebrow shaping with tweezers. I am not doing either on the public as yet. My question is, do you have to wax eyebrows or can you just offer an eyebrow service with tweezers? I am finding it so much easier and more precise with tweezers and...
  17. sophiegees

    New Gelish Red Kit

    Hi Have you seen the new Christmas red gelish kit? Have just ordered it as I was a bit low on my red colours - and cant wait for it to arrive! xx
  18. sophiegees

    Gelish and removal difficulty

    Woooh is this getting hard! The last few gelish removals I have done have been a nightmare - seems to be stuck fast! Have broken the top coat with a nail file, and then put acetone on a cosmetic pad and wrapped in tin foil. Things I am wondering is whether its because I am not using the...
  19. sophiegees

    New start with Nails (after giving up!)

    First I would like to thank everyone on here who has helped and supported me with my ups and downs (mainly downs!) with nails! To put it simply, I started a nail bar in September, and it was a nightmare. I could not get the hang of shellac and nor could the self employed therapist - they seemed...
  20. sophiegees

    Different clean and easy wax types - chocolate?

    Hi Wonder if you can help me. Im a waxing newbie trained on the clean and easy roller system and we used the hemp as the trainer said it was the best and not to use the original as it was tricky. So had a wax practice day last week with the hemp and it was great - no problems at all. I...