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Spa equipment in the US

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    Rent-a-chair days

    self employed hairdressers who rent a chair in a salon- do you pay per the day or week/month? I currently have a set up of 4 days a week paying a daily amount and I pay it at the end of each week. I’m considering dropping my hours to 3 days eventually, but do you think I’d have to carry on...
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    Bitchy colleague

    I love the salon I work in and have made some great friends there, I’m really lucky with the girls I work with. We are only a small group and that generally means a nice working atmosphere, all of us are self employed so we’re all on an equal level. Recently, a new girl started and she seems...
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    Lateral flow tests?

    Are we supposed to be doing lateral flow tests? A couple of clients have asked me lately and I’ve lied and said yes, but I don’t really know anything about it. Our salon manager hasn’t mentioned anything, should I be doing them myself at home? Where do you get them from etc? I feel a bit guilty...
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    Not busy at all!

    Is anyone else’s business really suffering at the moment since the initial post-lockdown rush is over? I had a really busy few weeks, not as mad as last July but fully booked. Then the last fortnight since about the middle of May my diary has been SO quiet. I’m self employed in a salon so I rent...