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  1. Lunarstorm

    Brisa Gel-discontinued?

    Hi. I've been out of the nail business for a while now and am just starting to get back into it friend has just asked me to do her teenage daughters nails for her and after checking my kit, I found I was short on a few items. So went to S2 page to find out how much it's going to cost me and they...
  2. Lunarstorm

    Brisa removal question

    Hi Geeks, I am hoping someone can help me with a question I have. I have been using Brisa for over a year but had never removed a set before last night. I know Brisa is a buff off gel and is acetone resistant. My CND Brisa workbook from my training, said to remove Brisa, you should buff the...
  3. Lunarstorm

    Can you Scrubfresh OVER Minx ?

    Hi Guys, I've searched and also posted this question in the Minx lovers group but had to joy in finding out the answer, so thought I would post this is the main forum where there is a lot more traffic. I know this is going to sound supid but can you use scrubfresh over the top of Minx or...
  4. Lunarstorm

    Tips for applying Minx to yourself ?

    Hi, As the title says, has anyone got any tips on appling Minx to thier own finger / toes ? I got my Minx during the week and finally got the time to have a go with them yesterday. I applied them to my smaller toes and swarovski crystals to my big toes. I found the Minx a bit fiddlely to...
  5. Lunarstorm

    Which Minx and tools ?

    Hi Fellow Geeks, I've has a search and can not find the answer to my two questions. Firstly, which Minx would you recommend buying in for practising the application of Minx ? Would it be best to get some of the soild colours instead of platterned ones, as, from what I can make out, they can...
  6. Lunarstorm

    Looking for a mobile CND tech in Birmingham.

    Hi Geeks, I'm looking for a good Mobile CND trained moible nail techician in the Birmingham area. It is for a friend from the dog show world and she will be looking to have them done in time for Crufts. She is looking for added length, painted with a design added. Drop me a PM and I will...
  7. Lunarstorm

    Nail Fresh bottle brush question

    Hi Geeks, I know this is going to sound really supid but I could not find an answer by using the search bar and it's bugging me. I bough some CND Nail Fresh with my latest order, just incase I should need it for polish or an enhancement client ( I like to forward plan lol ). My order...
  8. Lunarstorm

    Feeling bad for refusing treatment. Feedback/advice welcome

    Hi Geeks, At Christmas, I gave a number of Gift Certificates out to local primary schools for them to give out as raffle prizes. I did this to promote myself and my new business. Here comes the problem, yesterday, one of the raffle winners contacted me to redeem the Gift Certificate for a...
  9. Lunarstorm

    Tips or Forms ?

    Hi, Me again , got loads of questions this week lol. I would like you feedback on what you would use when doing an enhancement service on these nails. I'm torn between wether or not to use tips or forms when I do this clients nails. Here is a picture she sent me of her nails.
  10. Lunarstorm

    Brisa questions

    Hi Guys, I have two questions about Brisa gel. I did my training in Brisa last April. Firstly, when scultping a forever french with the white gel, can I scultp all 10 nails using the 10 seconds cure every 2 nails and then go on to applying the pink to all 10 nails ? I have been scultping 5...
  11. Lunarstorm

    How long should it take for file, cuticle work and polish??

    Hi Geeks, It would really help me if you could give me a rough idear on how long a file , cutiecle work, base, 2 x colour and top coat takes you?? also how much longer does French take you compared to a soild colour ? I've been asked to do a ladies night at a local school and they have...
  12. Lunarstorm

    Please read if you have an iPhone insured with O2 insure

    ATTENTION IPHONE OWNERS ON O2. O2 insure have changed their terms and conditions WITHOUT notifying customers. If you have an iPhone and are insured through O2 insure, you will now have to pay a £100 excess instead of £25 excess. The premium is meant to be £15 per month now. If you are still...
  13. Lunarstorm

    Crystal Pedi, to seal or not with top coat?

    Hi fellow Geeks I just can't do decide if I should put a top coat over a crystal pedicure or manicure? I've decided to apply them with Gelbond after doing this to myself with a few crystals on my fingers in the past and they where still stuck well and truely after 3 weeks, so I know this...
  14. Lunarstorm

    Advice on causes of Shellac peeling

    Hi Geeks, I'm still very new to Shellac but have done around 10 sets on people to date with no problems, however I have had a client contact me today to inform me that two nails are damaged, one has a tiny chip on the corner of the free egde and the other also has the same tip of chip but is...
  15. Lunarstorm

    Livid, need to vent, sorry.

    I am livid right now and need to vent before I go and kill some supid f**king women who calls herself a mother. At about 8.30 pm tonight, I was on my phone in my kitchen which is at the front of my house. I heard a child screaming and when I looked out of my window, there was a young boy on...
  16. Lunarstorm

    First critique from a newbie

    Right, I've decided to bite the bullet and submit a critique as I think it will help me to see the pro's and con's from other peoples point of view. I only finished my training at the begining of April, so I know I have a long way to go yet, so any feedback would be welcome for you more...
  17. Lunarstorm

    Is my brush contaminated ?

    Hi Everyone, I'm after a bit of advice as I'm not sure if my CND brush is contaminated or not. I've been very careful to make sure it is properly cleaned out in fresh momomer and stored flat in a mental case. I've only had it since the end of Febuary 2011 bit I know as I'm new I might ruine...
  18. Lunarstorm

    What is the difference between a HotShot & Blizzard ?

    Hi Guys, Had a search and can not find anything so I'm throwing my question out to all of you. My question is, what is the difference between a CND HotShot and a CND Blizzard file? Both are 100/180 with the HotShot being black and the Bizzard being white. Is there any difference in thier...
  19. Lunarstorm

    Which CND colour's for French Polish?

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a bit of advice from geeks that use CND colour & Effects polish. I'm putting an order together and I'm not sure which of the pinks to order for a french manicure. Could those who already use CND's polish be kind enough to tell me which colours you use for a...
  20. Lunarstorm

    How do you tell if there is lifting with opaque powders?

    Hi, Pretty much as the title says, how do you tell if there is lifting with opaque powders ? I have only used the sheer powders in zones 2 & 3 so far but will be using some skin tone powders soon and it got me wondering how I will see if there is any lifting when it comes to rebalance time...