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    The change!

    Hi, so, I'm 43, and although i see the menopause as a distant hill to climb, i have noticed that my pmt it's getting worse, i find myself crying at nothing or raging (albiet mostly on my head or i may get arrested), my question to those who have gone before me is... how did you cope or are you...
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    jacquelineanna, gr8nails and dandelionpoppy; remember the good old days?

    Seeing gr8nails again reminded me of sausages :o
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    Who do you hug?

    Strange question maybe but I just wondered, i hug my children, started hugging my Mum and Dad when I leave their house in the past few years. I hug my sisters if I won't see them for sometime or to say thank you but I'm not really a friend 'hugger', are you?
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    Need a good catch up

    Hi everyone, don't feel as if i've been on here much lately, had a bit of an illness during the summer and i've just been lagging behind trying to catch up with the normal everyday ho hum since then. Feel i've neglected my geeky friends, how is jacquelineanna, dandelionpoppy (almost put poopy...
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    Just for fun-alternative salon names

    Just to relieve the boredom, how about some non-pc suggestions for salon names?:D
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    Qualifications button?

    What's with the new qualifications button, not many have filled it in so now nobody knows what anyone is, hairdresser, extensionist, nail,skin etc. Just saying.........did I miss the company email??:o
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    Persianista has done it again!

    She's only gone and written and published a new book! If you read the first you'll know she's quite racy! This second is amazing, I couldn't put it down, it's called A very corporate affair (D A Latham) and its on Amazon. CONGRATULATIONS
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    Colour question threads

    I'm not being narky - honestly, but the hair geeks - particularly the expert colour techs cannot fully answer a post about 'what colour is this' as it does all depend on the clients natural hair and unless they are doing a consultation themselves with full access to the clients hair type...
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    Colour correction - specialist only?

    Hi all, over the years i've been on Salon geek i've noticed threads getting very heated when concerning colour correction. I personally have many years experience in straight forward colouring , foils etc. but when it comes to a serious colour correction job i.e. from black to blonde or red to...
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    Missing you

    I guess we all move about and get to know different people for a while, is there anyone you really miss? I miss my first Boss, he was a very funny guy and we travelled around USA together. Must have been the whole formative years thing but I do miss him.:sad: who do you miss?
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    I don't know about you but I'm always getting myself in to trouble trying to sort out what I feel is unjust. For example at one job I had the employers were taking advice from a trouble maker thus leading to good honest hard-working staff getting into trouble and being given grief. I could...
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    Wrinkles-what can be done?

    I know this will be a very common question, but what can I do about my wrinkly forehead that won't cause me to default on my mortgage?:biggrin:
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    Welcome back

    great to see so many old names (hair geeks)back on here, seems like old times.:D Why you been gone so long?
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    welcome back

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    Anyone read Dawn Latham's book?

    Just wondered if anyone else had downloaded it, i'm part way through and its great - wish I had the talent, some people just got it all!:D
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    Colour correction nightmare

    Hi, I have a situation with my sister-in-law, she insists on colouring her hair various bright red or copper colours with box dyes and then asks me to highlight a few packets through the top section, i've done it twice now and in my opinion failed at both attempts producing a 'fruit salad chew'...
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    Proclere herbal toners/hi-lifts

    does anyone use the proclere herbal toners or high-lifts (selling in aston and fincher) ? just wondered.:wink2:
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    Reaction to colour as a hairdresser?

    Hi all, I did a clients colour last week and that evening had a really itchy face (red and raised bumps) I took a piriton, washed in aqueous cream and it was mostly itch free by the morning. I can't think of anything else that I touched or came into contact with? I'm just doing a skin test on...
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    Roller sizes?

    hi geeks, i've got setting rollers up to the white size, which colour is the next size up - orange or mauve? thanks
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    Christmas away

    we have talked about having Christmas away for years and i've just booked a cottage in St Ives Cornwall :biggrin:(my favourite place - besides Martha's Vineyard - bit out of budget+++). Has anyone else done this before or thinking of doing it?