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  1. LBR

    Anyone used both Perron Rigot and Waxperts waxes?

    I'm thinking about changing my Australian Body Care Waxing strip wax. I use Perron Rigot for eyebrows but nothing else just now. I'm thinking I should just get a new pot and use PR waxes for strip wax but as I'm a CND girl I'm wondering if I should go down the Waxperts Route. Has anyone used...
  2. LBR

    Additive on free edge only?

    My client wants a French look using Shellac and additives but I'm worried the additive on the white of the French will not be neat and tidy. How would you do this? I was thinking I'd just do two coats of white using cream puff on the free edge with two coats of beau or negligee on top of it...
  3. LBR

    Opening attachments on threads

    When I wish to view photos on a thread when I click on the photo it doesn't load. If I close it and try to open it again, it does. Why is this happening?
  4. LBR

    Home salon - working hours

    I'm after a bit of feedback from others on what hours they find they are busiest whilst working from home. I opened in the middle of August this year and whilst initially I was really busy and off to a good start, I've found it to be quite quiet since the middle October despite leaflet drops...
  5. LBR

    Beauty Pro Hot Towel Steamer

    I'm sure I'm going to sound like an idiot but here goes! I have purchased a Beauty Pro Hot Towel Steamer and I've used it a few times. I've read and read the instructions that come with it but it doesn't say anything about wetting the towels before you put them in the steamer. Am I right in...
  6. LBR

    Net bags for hot stone therapy, where to purchase?

    I learnt Hot Stone Therapy at college and we were taught to put the stones we use for specific areas i.e. back layout, chakra layout in bags before placing in the hot stone heater. I can't seem to find where to purchase these kind of bags on the net apart from laundry bags on ebay. Can...
  7. LBR

    Charge for Shellac on top of Enhancements?

    I've just realised I haven't got a price on my treatment list for applying Shellac on top of nail enhancements. How do you guys work out the charge for this? I charge £25 for Shellac on natural nails. I've looked at local high street salons online but none seem to offer this on their price...
  8. LBR

    How do I upload my price list onto Facebook?

    I may be really dense or something but I can't seem to upload my price list, so it can be seen on Facebook. I've done my own price list in word and I can put it as a PDF. But as I'm trying to upload it as a picture, I can't see it to upload (if you know what I mean). What do I have to do to...
  9. LBR

    Shellac Wall Display?

    Hiya, I'm wondering if you can buy this on it's own? I can't see anything online but just wondered if it maybe originally was available and now discontinued? I'd love one as it'd be perfect to show off my Shellac colours in my new home salon. Thanks
  10. LBR

    Where did you get your Hot Stone kit?

    Hiya, I've done my course at college which included Hot Stone Therapy, so I now wish to purchase a kit. I've just received one I ordered on ebay and to be honest I'm not impressed. The heater is lovely but far too small for the amount of stones the college taught us to use and there...
  11. LBR

    Body Therapist only, can it work?

    I am thinking about not doing facial treatment and just concentrating on body treatments like hot stones and massage. Do you think this would work? Also if I did this would I be best to offer back exfoliating/mask treatments too and can I just buy the products for these from suppliers? If so...
  12. LBR

    Does anyone retail online?

    Hi, I'm just setting up a home salon after a few years break and I'm trying to do a business plan and drum up money making ideas. What do you peeps think about online retailing? I can make up a shop in my website. Do you think it's a good idea to retail the items online as you would to...
  13. LBR

    How to open PR's Blue Epilation 1 Litre bottle

    Hi, Can someone please advise me how you are meant to open the bottle of 1litre Perron Rigot Blue Epilation Lotion.:rolleyes: I've had this before and we had to rip the lid off. It's just really weird and I cannot for the life of me get the lid off. Please help me! link to photo of it
  14. LBR

    Darkening Up Tantrick Advice Please

    I've just sprayed my new client for the 2nd time with 12% tantrick solution. I've had a couple of weeks inbetween appointments but when she came tonight she said that the 12% was hardly noticable on her. Now I wouldn't say at all that she was dark skinned but she just likes a really dark tan...
  15. LBR

    Waxing Toes

    Help me ladies! I never had the need to wax many toes but lately all my clients are needing this, but I've been having a right problem. The wax doesn't come off the toes. Can you let me know what technique you use for doing this please and hopefully this will be a big help to me. The way...
  16. LBR

    Notification of posts to threads

    Hi, I get a lot of spam through my email and I must have added the salongeeks automatic notifications to spam. can anyone tell me where (what email) they get notified from when someone posts to a thread and also a PM. I'll then add to safe senders details Thanks P.S I'll keep...
  17. LBR

    Home Based Salon - tanning booth

    Hi everyone, I'm just about to embark on spray tanning at my home based salon. What I need to ask is what do you other geeks have as a booth for your clients to stand in and to catch any over spray. I absolutely hate those pop up tents as they are so dark and very large. I don't need it...
  18. LBR

    Facial - Towels for removing Masks

    I recently had a hot stone massage whilst on holiday in Florida and it included a bit of a facial. The therapist used a really hot towel and held it around my face, it was hot and really soft. She removed the mask using this towel but kept it in position around my face. What I'm after is...
  19. LBR

    Contraindications for Eyelash Tinting

  20. LBR

    The New St Tropez Moisturiser - Everyday

    Hi guys, I've just received my 1st retail order for the new moisturiser from St Tropez called Everyday. It's a moisturiser with a hint of self tan that gives you a glow! Has anyone tried this product out on themselves and if so what were your results? I'm off to try out tonight on...