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  1. lil_miss_me

    Waxing egg pot ?

    hi just wondering if anyone has the egg pot for waxing ? im wanting it because it looks stylish and im not going to use it with the tubes system im just going to use it to heat the pots of wax and use the spatula system, it says it heats up faster than normal wax heaters is this right???
  2. lil_miss_me

    Stylish nail table/workstation?

    Hi nail geeks was wondering if anyone could tell me where i can get a really nice stylish nail table from for my salon ???? ive had a browse online but they all look really basic and boring would like a curved one with a shelf underneath to put the uv gel lamps any help will be much appreciated :) x
  3. lil_miss_me

    Which silk / fiberglass brand do you use?

    hi nail geeks i was wondering if any off you could advise me on the brand and system you use for silk wraps, i dont really get much call for silk or fiberglass but i have had a few this week wanting them, i trained with the dream and to be honest i dont like it at all, i have also tied the soft...
  4. lil_miss_me

    nsi white shimmer gel or extreme white?

    Hi geeks just wondered if anyone had tried either of these colour gels?? i normally use the brush on white but after using the colour gels to create a colour french i actually like them better than the brush on white and noticed they did a white shimmer and an extreme white in the colour...
  5. lil_miss_me

    NSI balance colour gels

    Hi geeks just wondering if anyone can advice me on the best nsi colour gels to get i already have noir and hot pink, i was going to buy one of the colour kits, has anyone bought one of these?? and also what do you get in the kit?? as on the website it shows a nsi glaze and go on the photo but...
  6. lil_miss_me

    Which beauty treatment??

    hi geeks im a qualified nail tech but looking to do some beauty courses later in the year but im not sure which ones to do as i have heared ppl arnt getting much call for facials now a days :confused: i was thinking of doing a waxing course and the eyelash and brow tint and eyelash perm course...
  7. lil_miss_me

    NSI elation tips ??

    hi can anyone tell me if these tips are any good before i order them, i use nsi balance gel and i am going to put my order in for my replenishment stock in the next day or to and was thinking about ordering the elation tips from there as well instead of ordering revelation tips from my other...
  8. lil_miss_me

    Eyelash extension courses

    hi i am interested in doing an eyelash extension course and was wondering if anyone new of any places in sheffield that did this course ??? thanks in advance xx
  9. lil_miss_me

    Help please need to get some stock asap

    can anyone help me please im needing stock im nearly out of my nsi gel and star nails tips and i no i should of stocked up before christmas and its my own fault but i left it to late and after looking around on nail supply websites today i cant seem to find any that are operating till the 5th of...
  10. lil_miss_me

    Black French nail extensions

    hi i have a client booked in for black french nail extensions i was just wondering what you would recomend i dont do acrylic i only gel, silk and fiberglass. i was going to buy the nsi black colour gel and create a smile line or do you think black french tips would be better?
  11. lil_miss_me

    Client's nails fell off within hours please help

    Hi was wondering if anyone could help me as im feeling a bit upset today and wonder what i have done wrong with this set of gel nail extensions. After reading a few good posts on the pro impression tips i purchased some the other day to try and cut out the blending time and i used them on a...
  12. lil_miss_me

    Does anyone use the soft touch nail wrap by nsi?

    hey geeks was wondering if any of you use or have used the soft touch nail wrap system, ive been looking at it on the nsi website and it looks quite good but dont want to waste money if its not, and just thought i would ask around before i buy it, i currently use the dream fiberglass system as...
  13. lil_miss_me

    I need help back combing big hair

    hi hair geeks i am not actually a hair geek im a nail geek but i need some help with my hair im wanting to have my hair big for example simular to nadines in the new girls aloud video. ive tried everything i can think off back combing sections and spraying it voloumising sprays but its just not...
  14. lil_miss_me

    Pedicure stool and chair

    hi can anyone advise me on a pedicure stool and a comfortable chair for the client to sit in for when i do my pedicure treatments. i currently just get the client to put there foot on my lap but its uncomfortable for me and it doesnt look comfotable for them and i have a few customers with...
  15. lil_miss_me

    Going away tips for my blonde hair

    hi im a nail tech but im goign away sunday can anyone give me any tips for my hair as it sometimes turns a green colour with the pool water is there anything i can put on it to stop it goin this colour??
  16. lil_miss_me

    topcoat for airbrush nails

    Hi i normally use medea topcoat for my airbrush designs which is ok but was wondering if i could apply a uv topcoat that is used under a lamp ? and do you apply this straight over the airbrush design or do you apply a normal airbrush topcoat leave it to dry then apply the uv top coat:confused...
  17. lil_miss_me

    Star nails quattro

    hey ive been on a website and seen the star nails quattro silver glitter, snow white quattro and strawberry cream quattro just wondered if any of you have used it and how do you use it? as it doesnt really give much info on the website. thanks
  18. lil_miss_me

    Which fake tan shall I use? Help please

    Hi im a nail tech but needing a good fake tan before i go away on sunday and i have used fake tans in the past and not been very successful i got a streaky tan rather than a even tan lol i was going to go for a spray tan in a salon but i just dont have the time can anyone help me and tell me...
  19. lil_miss_me

    icons for logo designs need help please

    Hi geekies im trying to design my own new price lists and advertising but im finding it hard trying to find a nice butterfly icon just wondering if anyone can advise me if theres a site you can get free icons or pictures that are decent as i no you have to be careful with copyright. thanks x
  20. lil_miss_me

    nail table/work station

    hi could anyone recomend somwhere that sells nice nail tables that would be good for a treatment room ones with draws in for storage but i dont want to pay alot as i am just starting up on my own and have other things to buy.