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    Space available tanning manicure body art or similar colchester

    we have a small amount of space to rent to the back of our retail store we sell nail and body art products, we have a salon upstairs (seperate business) so we would need to discus first so there is no conflict with their services, the space is a room previously used for tanning and is a private...
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    Water marbling, does the polish matter?

    does it matter what polish you use to do water marbling as i have been told some are to thick! ifso what are the best options.
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    Jessica GELeration where to buy

    where is the best place to buy online as all i keep finding is beverly beauty had a tech in the shop today asking as she got some from above and said they were terrible and she was asking if i knew a reliable supplier, who can i recomend??
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    Body Art and nail Art Specialists offered space

    we are a retail store specializing in nail and body art and we are offering space in our shop for local body / nail artists to arrange appointments advertise there business do treatments use as a base etc, Even if its a few different people offering different services maybe just one day a week...
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    Beauty room above beauty retail store to rent

    hi we have a beautiful room to rent with oak beamed ceilings in our newly opened store, we sell nail and body art supplies in our store downstairs with 3 treatment rooms upstairs, 2 are filled and doing extemely well, the other has had to be given up due to personal reasons but was starting to...
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    Colchester room to rent prime location tanning waxing etc

    Hi we are looking for someone to take a beautiful beamed ceiling room in a prime location in colchester town will be above our store and in with another company doing lashes and brows huge opportunities at very reasonale rates please call me on 07832926790
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    Brothers aaghh!

    So angry sorry for the rant but just stuck my little brother 21 has just split with his fiance of 3 years none of us know why and he won't even truly admit it's happened but we can all see it. Well his fb status tonight was couldnt wish to be any more dead at the moment. Well I panic caus...
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    Glitter tattoo query.

    Hi all can you please confirm if you have to have any formal training to obtain insurance to be able to offer glitter tattoo's i've been looking for training etc but there is not much about any help would be appriciated
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    Training in Colchester?

    Can anyone help with what training is available in colchester?????
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    trendy tech in colchester

    does anyone in colchester essex do trendy nail wraps i need a tech that lives local xxx
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    trendy tech in colchester

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    Chrome Toes

    Any Clues, I have had a customer email me about a set of shiny toes she had done while away and was trying to find out what they were, they are mirror silver but its not a wrap or foil, so to me they look like a chrome full cover nail, any other guesses anyone know where she could get them...
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    In need of a tech in colchester

    hi i know you lot will be able to help me i need a tech in colchester who is really into nail art to do my nails before excell please help xx:green:
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    NNO? ex bitter advice

    Don't shout at me but i have been all my life a terrible nail bitter, i know should not happen in my line of work but i stopped a couple of years ago and got them quite long then my dad got cancer and died in 4 months stress took over and my nails went again now i have managed to grow them...
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    merry christmas everyone x

    Hi all, i just want to wish all our customers from the past couple of years a very happy christmas and a fab new year. lots of love to all adell
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    Weekend nails/temporary nails

    Honestly how many of you clever lot regually do temporary nails or weekend nails, do they seem to be popular or would you say they are waste of time to add to your price list.
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    Shugar nail art

    Blast from the past for everyone... does anyone remember shugar nail art stickers and more, they were at the trade shows in 2004 if so what did you think of their products?
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    Nail Delights

    We stock a huge range of nail art supplies for every level of experience, we ship all over the world within 2 days of recieving your order in most cases you will recieve the next working day, our shipping is free of charge if you spend £10 or more and a mere £1.50 for smaller orders, we are...
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    Autumn Fall

    Hi all, do you find that peoples wants in nail art change in autumn ? or is the want for nail art the same? adell
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    Fete question advice needed

    I have a question and maybe someone here can answer it i am not a nail tech but am in the business as i sell the products, I am doing a local fete in july and have a table to sell my products ect and was thinking of offering painting the kids nails and putting stickers on ect, but here is...