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  1. alan27

    Hair dye allergy?

    hi geeks, i had my hair bleach blonde for 2 years, and recently coloured it to a base 5, about 2 days after my eyes were swollen when i woke up, and i put it down to using a new eye cream... i then coloured it again a week later as it had faded so much, my eye's were swollen again, i called...
  2. alan27

    New trend matte nails?

    hello geeks! i was just wondering, as opi and zoya are releasing MATTE nail polish colletions,and its going to be a big trend this year, apparently.... what's your views? do you like the matte look? are you expecting a flurry of clients in the salon asking for matte nails? also, it cant be...
  3. alan27

    Photoshoot!!! Wizard of Oz!

    hey geeks! some of you may know, i had a photoshoot to do for hair today, and i chose to do the wizard of oz... i did the nails, makeup, face painting, hair and got costumes etc... i dont have the proper photographers pictures yet, and wont for a few weeks, they are better, with real poses...
  4. alan27

    Temporary way to stick tips on?

    hey geeks! i need some advice/help, as part of one of my last hairdressing assignments, i am doing a photoshoot and i decided to do wizard of oz, i've been planning for months and i need to do 2 models (dorothy and the witch), my friend is modelling as dorothy and ive decided to do red...