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  1. Bronzewolf

    Acrylic sculptured nails Lincoln area

    Hi I'm looking to have my nails done. I prefer them to be sculptured and a short ear stiletto shape. Does anyone do them here in Lincoln? Thanx Shirley
  2. Bronzewolf

    Vinylux colours

    I would like to purchase a bottle to try out, unfortunately I'm not familiar with all of CND's colours and I just wanted to know what the difference is in Fedora Dark Dahlia Dark Lava Bloodline with regards to finish being a creme or metallic and then colour and if its blue/yellow toned. I...
  3. Bronzewolf

    Holographic silver glitter for Xmas

    I want something with real bling for xmas gel fingers. I have nail graphic Xanadu but over the top of gelish night shimmer it didn't really pop as much as I would have liked it to. Long ago I had a bottle of nubar star sparkles and wow that had some sparkle but its a polish, can anyone...
  4. Bronzewolf

    How do you keep your nail files on your manicure table

    I have seen them in a large tumbler glass, but I dont know if this looks any good and I have a shorter plastic container but they keep on falling over. How do you store your nail files on your table?
  5. Bronzewolf

    looking for a moisturizer HELP

    Does anyone know of a oil free tinted moisturizer for oily skin with an SPF, the other day i went into boots and could not find any brand with all these specs. My skin really shines up by mid-end of the day so something mattifying would be even better, but i want a really light feeling...
  6. Bronzewolf

    Lamps and UV Output.. is it a mystery?

    Ok so i phoned CND today to ask them what the UV output was on the BRISA Lamp and the answer was.....(drum roll) "I dont have a clue" "No company will give out information on UV output, i can give you wattage information but that dosent make a difference" i have looked everwhere...
  7. Bronzewolf

    Akzentz Options - popular colours

    Hi could anyone tell me what are the most popular colours. As i want to purchase a few and there are many to choose from. I have already tried contacting karen at Beauty Plus Nails and the email contact page does not work on the site, left a message on the phone and have had no reply, so thought...
  8. Bronzewolf

    Express Nails

    How do you safely remove express nails?
  9. Bronzewolf

    Magnifying Lamps

    Hi does anyone use a magnifying lamp to do their nailwork with? Is it a worthwhile investment or do you think it looks silly on your nail table? Does anyone have one to suggest that works well thank you ladies
  10. Bronzewolf

    Odourless Acrylic

    Do CND make an ouderless acrylic or any other company, the reason i have started with gels is because i have no ventilation in my room and need something that you cannot smell so much. But i would like to have a go at acrylic.
  11. Bronzewolf

    Konad nail art ~ favorites

    There are soooo many designs... what are your top 3 favorites plates for your clients?
  12. Bronzewolf

    Akzentz Options looking dull

    Ok so i got my trial kit with my mulberry colour and found an innocent victim to practice on last night you has naturally lovely long nails, so far they have held up but im not happy about a few things and not sure what im doing wrong.... 1. I made sure that i dragged the colour down to the...
  13. Bronzewolf

    Sound Systems

    I am looking to get a new sounds system for my room, currently i have a cd/tape player, but when i have a longer treatment i dont like having to stop and change the cd so im thinking of getting an ipod or other mp3 player with a docking speaker station (i feel so behind with the
  14. Bronzewolf

    Gel +glitter ratio

    can anyone tell me what the ratio is for mixing gel and glitter . thanx
  15. Bronzewolf

    Mineral makeup - what do you personally use?

    What sort of mineral makeup do you ladies use on yourselves? I really like elemental beauty range but i wish that they made their foundations and blushers either in sifter jars or baked and pressed. I have tried lily lilo and not keen on them and i like MAC's skinfinish natural range cause its...
  16. Bronzewolf

    Clay Canes application on gel

    Hi have been looking for a tutorial on clay cane on gel nails dont seem to find one the gelsezzential site the video dosent work,could someone help me as to how to apply canes to gel, how long do i cure each layer for? thanx
  17. Bronzewolf

    Akzentz Aurora Sparkles

    Hi has anyone used these sparkles, if so how do they compare to normal sparkes range I would like to try doing some glitter tips would they be suitable as in dense enough for this effect? thanx
  18. Bronzewolf

    Akzentz affixit vs surebond

    i am wanting to try akzentz options on my nails, i already have affixit, can i use this instead of surebond?
  19. Bronzewolf

    Nail stand for OPI

    Hi i am wanting to get a larger nail stand for my OPI collection, but i dont want to buy one from them because its expensive unless you buy a collection, does anyone know of a good big stand that will hold OPI colours?
  20. Bronzewolf

    Bright colours for toes - OPI

    Hi i need to get some new bright colours for toes as i have some brights but customers dont think they pop enough. I have flashbulb fushia which seems to be the brightest.... i phoned OPI but they dont seem to have a list of the fav's, anyone have any recommendations.... also i dont have enough...