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  1. netsrik

    Struggling to recruit

    Im struggling to recruit a part time beauty therapist in Edinburgh. Have tried Facebook- paid ad and jobs section, indeed, contacted the local job centre and tried local college however due to holidays they won't help until students are back. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to try...
  2. netsrik

    Pop up nail bar in clothes shop

    Hi geeks just looking for some advice..have done a search on here but not found what I'm looking for. I live in a small village and have been looking for premises in nearby villages for a while with no luck so currently mobile offering Shellac nails. (I'm also trained in brows and lashes but...
  3. netsrik

    Appointment book

    Hi not sure if this is the correct place to post but I'm a mobile nail tech working part time evening and weekends. Been on the hunt for an appointment book that covers the above with later appointment times but having no luck. Anyone in the same situation and found something suitable? Making...
  4. netsrik

    Sun beds affecting Shellac?

    Hi wondering if anyone's come across this before?! I did a set of nails for a client in CND shellac cream puff with CND additive fades using nectar gaze. I got a message from her today to say that she went for a sunbed (didn't use any lotions) and now the additive fade parts of the nail have...
  5. netsrik

    IBX system

    Hi - Looking to introduce ibx as an add on service underneath shellac but just wondering what others are charging for this? Thanks x