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  1. Sharkster

    Botanicals or Neal's Yard - 2nd salon line

    Hi Geeks, I currently use Thalgo in my salon which is great for my skincare clients however I have a lot of non skincare clients (waxing, nails, tans etc) that don't buy Thalgo skincare, regardless of me banging on about how good it is. A recent survey shows that they mostly use the rubbish...
  2. Sharkster

    Is this wrong?

    Mother asks if her 14 year old Daughter can have a Hollywood wax? I was so put on the spot I just said I would need to speak to my insurance co, which I did and have decided no (they have no age restriction but their advice made me choose not to). I don't have kids but this just seems a bit...
  3. Sharkster

    Decline in Facials?

    This is aimed at small salons or independent therapists rather than those based in destination spa's For the last couple of months I've seen a downturn in facials, has anyone else noticed this or is it just me? I use a very good brand (Thalgo) and have always been kept very busy with facials...
  4. Sharkster

    Nail desk mag lamp with flexible arm?

    Hi Geeks, Anyone know where I can get one? I'm looking for one that can be clamped to the edge of the desk with a reasonable size lens and arm. Thanks Emma
  5. Sharkster

    Gelish client switching to Shellac & not happy

    Hi Geeks, Ok, done a search & not found what I was looking for - sorry I have a couple of clients that have moved over to me (I use shellac) that used to have Gelish in another area. They have not had good results with Shellac, claiming that it doesn't last that long on them, some lifting...
  6. Sharkster

    Kim Lawless trained in Costa Blanca?

    Long shot..... I've got a client moving out there looking for a new wax expert. Anyone in the area I can recommend? Thanks Emma
  7. Sharkster

    Perv alert, please be aware

    Ok, so not sure if I'm posting this in the right forum but I have just had the most yuk perv on the phone and thought you guys should be aware and alert. So it's a withheld number, bloke asking if he can buy a gift voucher for his missus. Started off asking about facials, then manicure &...
  8. Sharkster

    Client stealing products, etc.

    Well, says it all really. I've got my first thief - quite exciting really (oddly?) I am an independent therapist so it's a one to one basis and my salon is at the bottom of my garden so no passing trade and hardly any clients bring friends etc that would need to wait in reception while I'm not...
  9. Sharkster

    Colour advice for clients point of view

    Hi Hair Geeks, I'm not a hair pro but I'm looking for some advice as a client. I am thinking of changing my hair colour for something quite radical and I'm not 100% sure it will suit me so before I spend the usual £100 at my salon I was thinking of trying a box colour from boots etc. Is this...
  10. Sharkster

    Facebook Query

    Hi Geeks, Ok, a bit tricky this one. So I currently have a facebook page for my business but I am fiddling around with a group just to see if it will be better for me. One thing I don't like is if I post in the group my personal profile pic is shown (not very professional!) Is there any...
  11. Sharkster

    Ideas for 10 year old God-Daughter birthday?

    Hi Geeks, I just read Kattyj's thread and saw how wonderful you all are at helping out (sorry I had no ideas to offer). Now some geeks know my views on kids so you'll be pleased that this is not my God-Daughter, no-one in their right mind would bestow that honor on me. It's the husbands...
  12. Sharkster

    Facebook issue -page problem?

    Hi Geeks, So I recently set up a page for my spay tanning parties to attract some new business. For some reason the friends that I have invited to like my page do not seem to have received anything but when go back to 'invite friends' it's all 'grey'd out' like they have already been invited...
  13. Sharkster

    Holiday message for answerphone

    Hey geeks, I read a post on here recently that got me thinking about an issue I have. Being an independent therapist I don't have a receptionist so an issue arises when I go on holiday. I contact all my exisitng clients before I go away so they know when I am not around but any new clients...
  14. Sharkster

    Client losing natural lashes following laser eye surgery?

    Hi Geeks, I've just had a client contact me that is loosing her natural lashes at a fast rate & she is really worried. She had corrective laser surgery a few weeks ago and now has to use some drops which she says make her lashes stick together then they fall out? I will get her to check...
  15. Sharkster

    Baby Gaga

    Oh My God, Did anyone see on Breakfast News this morning that an Ice Cream store in Covent Garden has been selling BREAST MILK Ice cream called Baby Gaga? Any thoughts on this?
  16. Sharkster

    Vapour Extraction Unit?

    Dear Geeks I have a nail tech coming to work with me soon (yay!) and due to the teeny tiny size of my salon I have been looking at ways to minimise the vapour from the monomer. I have read and noted all the advice on here re: metal bins, only using the required amount of monomer in a lidded...
  17. Sharkster

    Temple Hair

    Hey Hair Geeks! I was wondering if you could help me out. I have very long, very straight hair which is very fine but I've got tonnes of it! It is (mostly) the same length all round except from the hair at the front which is attached to my temples. For some reason the hair here is not as...
  18. Sharkster

    Training - Advanced Skin Analysis

    Dear Geeks! I am planning my training for the next 12 months and I'm looking for an advanced skin analysis course that will also cover things like more in-depth extractions inc Milia etc. I'm not interested in doing ITEC L3 as I'm just not into the electrical side of things (I'm a bit more...
  19. Sharkster

    Minx in the Cambridge/Newmarket/Bury St Edmunds Area

    Hi Not sure if I am allowed to ask this so sorry but here goes (please spank me if I'm not!):smack: I have had a client ask me about Minx and I don't know anywhere in my area that does it. If you do Minx in the Cambridge/Newmarket/Bury St Edmunds area please can you pm me so I can refer...