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    Glossy Hair!!!

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    House Hunt!!!

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    Glossy Hair!!!

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    Glossy Hair!!!

    I know alot of beuty therapists are members of this site - I have a question for you all; How can I make my hair really shiney and glossy???
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    House Hunt!!!

    Hey guys, Im currently searching for a potential flatmate to share a house/flat/appartment with. It just occurred to me to check if any of you guys are looking for a place to live. I havent got a place yet but have looked at loads of properties and have contact with several estate agents. I...
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    Which is the higher level qualification? diploma or nvq? can someone please inform me of the qualification hierarchy structures for nail technician qualifications please?!!!
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    How much does it cost to set up a salon?

    My dream is to go through as much training as i can with the aim of eventually opening my own salon. I am unaware however as to how much this would cost me. Could any of you guys let me know how much i would need to save or borrow from the bank etc???
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    How much do you qualifies nail techs earn a year? I would like to know the salaries of mobile, working within a salon, OWNING a salon (especially), if you guys wouldn't mind giving me an idea!
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    breaking in layers!

    My nails keep braking off inlayers. The thin top layers of my nails keep breaking/peeling. What can i do about this ie. with nails products and diet? Does anyone know what causes this, as it is VERY frustrating when i have the most perfect set and length of freshly painted nails and they get...
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    Im so new!

    Hi guys, I'm a newby to the site. I have been painting nails, doing perfect french manicures and nail art designs for years courtesy of special fx nail kits from qvc, I love them but realise they are not available of qvc anymore. Does anyone know why this is? Although I have been dabbling in...