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    Special Occasion makeup and hair?

    I am looking for someone who is mobile in West Sussex who does makeup and hair for special occasions, can anyone point me in the right direction please?
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    Mature student part time course?

    I have the urge to train as a hairdresser:) But I am only able to train part time evenings and weekends are there any courses that cater for this?
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    TIGI Diamond dreams?

    Has anyone used this as yet? I have some coming over from the USA next week to try, would love to hear if anyone has had a go?
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    Toner help?

    I have my hair highlighted and have done for years and years, I have a toner put on a 10P mixed with half clear and they leave it for half an hour:) which gives me the result I am looking for BUT it's only lasting a week or so:cry: I use salon shampoo and conditioners and also use pure glam...
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    Wedding Hair

    I am looking for pictures of wedding hair on the internet but not having much luck, can anyone point me in the right direction for long hair updo's :)
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    Best moisturiser to maintain tan?

    Thank you!! will have a go with this, I am finding after just 2 days my tan is looking like a snake skin so hopefully this should work x
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    Best moisturiser to maintain tan?

    Thanks for the replies:) I am just looking for myself really not for clients, Tonilee the sunless solutions drench to quench is that from capital?? Tried googling it but can't find it online?
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    Best moisturiser to maintain tan?

    Just wondering what the best moisturiser is you have found to maintain a spray tan?
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    Blonde hair / toner help?

    I am not a hairdresser so I just want some advice until my next hair appointment, I have full head highlights on long hair and it really blonde, I have a toner put on too Goldwell 10p mixed with clear, when I have it done it looks FAB but only for 2-3 days then it goes back to a corn blonde with...
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    Tanning solutions

    I have tried so many solutions and the best results for all clients have come from using Sienna X. HTH:)
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    Tanning when pregnant question?

    Ok...........I have explained EVERYTHING to her and possible effects to her tan and the baby but she is sure she still wants it done!! I sprayed her 2 weeks ago and she was pregnant then but she wasnt aware at that stage that she was expecting:eek: I am not happy about doing it to be honest, I...
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    Tanning when pregnant question?

    I have a client who is coming to me on Wednesday for a spray tan, she has just called me to say that she has found out today that she is 4 weeks pregnant, she really wants this tan as she is getting married next Saturday. What problems am I going to face? Is it harmful to the baby? Hormone...
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    Removing tan from palms

    I always seem to manage to cover my palms in tan, I think I do it when I am asleep somehow, other than sleeping with gloves on how can I stop the tan on palms situation? Also how can I remove it once it's on there and developed overnight??
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    What moisturiser to maintain tan?

    Yes they do sell the products but I have never stocked or sold any because I have found people want to keep their cost down, perhaps I should look into stocking some just for a trial.
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    What moisturiser to maintain tan?

    I get asked ' what body lotion is best for maintaining my tan' to be honest I say anyone really but what do people suggest? I use Clinique but it's fairly expensive, I was thinking what can clients buy 'off the shelf' in boots?
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    Covered in 8.5%!!!!!

    I have just had a bot of a problem betty!! I did the cup up too tight and it was slightly twisted so I tried to undo it, I managed to undo the cup but threw the whole 150mls all over myslef and the bathroom:eek::eek::eek::eek: I jumped in the shower quickly and washed it off but I can still see...
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    Tanning for a wedding?

    I havent charged for the trial runs as she is a 'friend' of mine but I will charge on the day for her and the wedding party but at a discounted rate because there are so many of them. I am just going to trial the 10% on myself (if my hubby can drag himself upseatis to spray me):)
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    Tanning for a wedding?

    Ok I have had another chat with her and I have said I would like to trial the 8.5% on her before the wedding and asked her to wear a white boob tube type top the following day and come back and see me. She likes being really brown and she does look good but I have been honest with her which I...
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    Tanning for a wedding?

    I have a 'friend' / client wanting a tan for her wedding, we did a trial on Monday night using 10% sienna and in my opinion she looked too we are going to trial the 8.5% which I think will be better for her, she is getting wed on a Saturday so my question is when...
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    Sienna X tan sweating off??

    Sienna X 10% layed on the skin and started to bead far more than the 8.5% HTH