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  1. LoveBeauty1


    i have a dilemma, I have just invested in the Waxxxpress brand but I'm not 100% happy. I have advertised loads to all my clients that I have swapped over to this brand and now I'm considering changing again, How professional/unprofessional will it be to change again within 2 months of this...
  2. LoveBeauty1

    Would a lash tint cause lashes to fall out?

    I have never heard of this before, However my client has just text me to say some of her lashes has have fallen out and have become really sparse. She had a lash tint about 2-3 weeks ago, How shall I deal with this situation? Help please
  3. LoveBeauty1

    Eve Taylor cost per service

    I was wondering if any helpful geeks would be so kind and private message me a cost per service for Eve taylor products. Or an estimate of how many uses per bottle. I am doing my accounts and just realised i've been using my kaeso cost per service still :o
  4. LoveBeauty1

    In house training

    I'm after some advice on training your own employee. How does it work insurance wise if you trained your own employee to spraytan if they only held a manual tan qualification. Or semi perm lashes if they only hold a nvq level 2? I really don't know if this would be classed as acceptable let...
  5. LoveBeauty1

    Dermaquest and Youngblood

    I am really interested in using Youngblood mineral make-up in the salon, I am awaiting a call from the rep as I type. Basically what i am asking is if anyone has had any experience in Youngblood make up and what the general thoughts are on this brand. They are a sister company to Dermaquest...
  6. LoveBeauty1

    Brisa Lite sculptures Norwich, Norfolk

    Hello everyone, Not sure if its okay to post this but I am desperate for a Brisa Lite tech in or around the Norwich area. Please can you pm me if you can help, Thank you
  7. LoveBeauty1

    Fake Shellac warning for clients

    Has anyone got an information on fake/Bluesky Shellac i can add to my facebook page? Ive seen a brilliant status before with diagrams etc but cant find anything on google :(
  8. LoveBeauty1

    Bio Sculpture specialists in Norfolk?

    I hope this is okay to post in this category. I am looking for a qualified bio sculpture technician for a client of mine to recommend. Unfortunately she is strictly a Bio girl and even after 4 years of knowing her (waxing and tinting), She still point blank refuses to try anything but Bio...
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    Vinylux mistake, advice please

    I have done a boo boo today. I know full well you don't use a base coat with Vinylux. However, In my stupidity of chatting and not concentrating I've just realised I base coated my ladies Vinylux toes today. Shall I contact her? She is a lady that has a 'one-off' low priced treatment every...
  10. LoveBeauty1

    Online booking-with add on sales

    Please bear with me as I know this is a frequently discussed topic. The reason I am asking on a new thread is because I am looking for an online booking system, Where the client can book there and then rather than a form. But i wondered if there was such thing as a system that will let your...
  11. LoveBeauty1

    Sweet Squared customer service

    Just want to share with you all how pleased i am to have had EXCELLENT customer service from Sweet Squared! So happy to have had decent customer care for once (Not referring to s2). This just confirms I have picked an excellent choice of supplier in a sea of below standard beauty suppliers...
  12. LoveBeauty1

    Chocobeauty Priadara products

    My blood is boiling! 3 months ago i was told this range was being discontinued after being concerned the products were continuously out of stock. I rang 3 times to confirm this information. First time i rang i was told they were awaiting stock. Second time i rang i was told they were just...
  13. LoveBeauty1

    Double no-show!

    Please advise needed :( I have had a lady 'no-show' twice now! But....between these appointments she has popped in to book, I'm so frustrated she will come in again in front of a client trying to re-book...again :( How can I refuse her an appointment? Bit if history is she's an alcoholic...
  14. LoveBeauty1

    CND Scentsations

    Has anyone else noticed the 245ml scentsations lotions (mango,citrus etc), Are all out of stock? Does anyone know if this is because they are being discontinued? Im just placing my order and wont get a chance to ring tomorrow so just wondered if anyone could give me an answer tonight? :Love:
  15. LoveBeauty1

    Promotional items

    I am looking at getting some promotional items...Pens, Keyrings, Chocolates, Mint tins etc. I have tried the obvious (Vistaprint, google search). Its just these are extra bits and didnt really want them to come out of business account so i want them done ' cheap as chips '! Do any of you know...
  16. LoveBeauty1

    Marvelscara mystery!

    I have really been debating on booking into this course. It's been really strange as I thought I would book in to have the treatment myself before I train (seems good business sense). I contacted 5 beauticians and they all had strange excuses as to why I couldn't book this treatment (the...
  17. LoveBeauty1

    Lost a client due to enforcing my cancellation policy

    So upset and angry! I have lost a client who treatments wise wasnt a regular but when I think about it has always bought huge amounts of retail items off me :cry: Basically what happened was she text me an hour before her app to say she had to work so I said I'm really sorry but next time I...
  18. LoveBeauty1

    The training bug!

    TRight I think I have serious issues, I can't seem to go 6 months without going in some sort of training/course! I really should be focusing on profit and not spending but I've got the training addiction! What can I train in next? I'm thinking either; Marvelscara A-lift Shrinking violet/some...
  19. LoveBeauty1

    Multiplex - Just Wax

    Does anyone know why all the Just wax suppliers have reduced the multiflex (stripless) wax by more than half price? I was just about to order some but is this a sign not too?
  20. LoveBeauty1

    OPI GelColor posters

    Does anyone have a copy of the images for the posters before i order them (lena has 'awaiting image' on the posters').?:biggrin: