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  1. Jollyon

    Any Calgel Techs in Brighton? I have a client for you!

    Hi Geeks, A very regular client of mine will be flitting between London and Brighton, due to work commitments. Are there any Calgel Technicians that would be interested in covering her for infill appointments when she is in Brighton? She has a NNO French (No.43 pink and Comp white) and has...
  2. Jollyon

    Facial Products Not Being Used

    You are a business woman hun, therefore, get that business head on your shoulders! I totally feel what you are saying in terms of not wanting to spend out on something that is not guaranteed to fly out the door - we have all been in this situation in business I would imagine. I would maybe...
  3. Jollyon

    Mice - I need help!!

    :) I'd call your nearest vets You are clearly responsible enough of a pet owner to be concerned about them and disturbing the nest. They will give you all the advice you need I'm sure! Good luck
  4. Jollyon

    I am being silly..male manicure booked for sat

    I second that! If you have ever spoken to the tv /tg community, you will find that there are not many tg / tv friendly salons around. Many people will pay good money for a quality service. I for one really enjoy tv / tg clients - it gives me lots of satisfaction knowing I have made a...
  5. Jollyon

    Wii Fit

    I think they are litterally sold out accross the country hun! HMV oxford street doesnt even know when they will get any more in from nintendo! I got one the other day by going on Ebay and offering a buy it now and went to collect it! (how sad am I)........ Have to say it was well worth the...
  6. Jollyon

    Essie Polishes - Which ones

    Hi hun, For your bright white, you need 'Blanc' - fantastic coverage, lets you keep the application super thin!! The only 'tea' colour I can think of is 'Tea and crumpets' - but it is shimmery. My most popular colours in the salon without fail are the dark reds and browns, heres a few...
  7. Jollyon

    I'm unqualified as nail tech am I allowed to do manicures?

    Just to throw another Idea into the mix..... How about you 'showing' the kiddies how to do some designs, and then let them try? I speak from experience here.... lol I had the same idea as you many years ago, and the children ran wild!!! :lol: ( I know this is to be expected) For...
  8. Jollyon

    A Picture Of Me

    ok then....maybe a blog entry would have been a better idea???.........:rolleyes:
  9. Jollyon

    A Picture Of Me

    What the hell?? Heres a pic, now its gone, oooh.....I'll let you see it again...... but no you cant...... Just put it up and be done with it!:green:
  10. Jollyon

    Unfair Bank Charges

    Banks make hundreds out of people every second. The charges are high and unfair! I went overdrawn by 2p, and got charged £35 for that, and £25 for a direct debit that was unpaid! We should get it all back!!!!
  11. Jollyon

    ear candles

    My left ear is feels constantly blocked deep inside. Thankfully I dont have any ringing etc. I have always wanted to try Ear Candles, and I think I might give it a go. I think that any treatment that relaxes a client is a good one!
  12. Jollyon

    Successful nail technician

    What course have you done already? What did you think were the good and bad points of your short course? Did you get taught anything that you later questioned after seeing all the info on here?:?:
  13. Jollyon

    My Friend Did Bad Nail

    Do you mean you are starting your training in June or that you are now qualified and you are continuing your education in June?
  14. Jollyon

    My Friend Did Bad Nail

    Just been skimming back through some old posts......... Did you ever get trained and qualified Wild??
  15. Jollyon

    Essie Nail Polish

    My advice is this..... I use essie's ridge filling basecoat, and allow to dry - no time at all Two coats of colour (I can honestly say I have never had a coverage problem with Essie polishes, I think they are fantastic) - Allowing a minute or two in between.. Then finish off with Essie's...
  16. Jollyon

    Attitude nail polish

    All I did was state my own opinion. Which is 'Attitude' is cheap, and from my own experience goes gloopy. We all have different standards. We all have different expectations. We all have different opinions. Not once did I name another product - so where the 'product war' thing came from I...
  17. Jollyon

    Summer toes

    A 'General Pedi' is completely different from 'a file and polish' on toes...... I dont personally deal with feet - but my most popular service for toes is french gel overlay, clients love it and it lasts aages! :)
  18. Jollyon

    Attitude nail polish

    In my opinion, I wouldn't waste my money. All I found was that it went thick and gloopy after about 3 uses. (This is with the top on properly and no polish in the neck of the bottle) I would invest in a higher end brand, better results and alot cheaper in the long run :green:
  19. Jollyon

    cheeky client

    Ahem... Shall I just slag off every other culture and geographical area for good measure? We talk about how cheeky OTHER people are - do you not all think you are a tad cheeky for slagging them off too??! I dont see the point in using 'labels' - I have had every race, sex culture etc try...
  20. Jollyon

    Sad News

    Another here that doesn't know you personally, but just wanted to echo what has already been said. The good ones are taken first. :hug: He will always be with you, guiding you and helping you through. He's always in your heart hun. Just where he always was x