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    Has anyone tried the New Sienna X solution ?

    I received mine today and sprayed my boyfriend with it as a guinea pig. He left it on for exactly 2 hours before showering it off. The result was really good, lovely colour and I would say it looked similar colour to an 8% on him, going to spray my sister and ask her to leave it on for 4 hours...
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    Taking non-professionals to professional beauty!

    I am taking my boyfriend with me, he came with me a few years ago aswell with no problems, I have taken my dad before now aswell. They come in handy to carry bags. Take him, it will be fine:)
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    Pictures on websites

    I get mine from a site called fotolia they dont really cost much for web size images from as little as 75p and this gives you the right to use the image on your site/pricelists etc
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    Wanting advice really, the salon that I rent a beauty room in has been having problems for a few months (which I didnt know about or I wouldnt have agreed to rent there) Basically the phone line has been cut off twice for non-payment and now the electricity board has come in this morning and cut...
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    Sienna X Training manchester

    I did my sienna training in Rochdale, the trainer was called Amanda:)
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    Does Suntana Solution Have Colour Guide?

    Yes Suntana does have a guide colour, although when it has dried it gives a nice colour so you dont have to walk around looking mucky whilst it develops:)
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    Any ideas for promoting facials...

    I have been in my beauty room now for around 9 weeks and things are going well so far. The problem I have is promoting facials, Im not sure how to go about this as my mind is blank lol. I use Eve Taylor products and though I have done a few facials I am not doing as many as I would like. Does...
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    Nail Station to Rent - Blackpool

    I am writing this on behalf of the lady who owns the salon I work in. Bu-tique has a nail station to rent, suitable candidate must have at least 2 years experience in both gel and acrylic nail extensions. Days required would be Wednesday, Friday and every other Saturday (more days may be...
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    Eve Taylor Training in the North, petition!

    Add me please, i started in a beauty room at the beginning of June using eve taylor products and love them, but I would like to do the training so I am more confident in selling facials to clients. I have looked into the training but I would have to spend 2 nights in a hotel plus the training...
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    Bank account

    I had a business account with abbey but really wasnt impressed with it, or the service despite it being free forever. I have just opened an account with Barclays, they can give you upto 2 years free and they have been really helpful so far and have sent me out helpful information whilst it is in...
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    suntana starter kit

    I trained with Sienna and had been using their solutions but came across Suntana and thought I would give them a try. They are fab sprayed clients with both the coconut and chocolate so far and they are a real nice colour. The start up kits look fab value for money as mine cost a hell of a lot...
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    Mobile Chip & Pin / Card Machine

    Does anybody know how long the contract is for the silverpay mobile machine?
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    Photos for promoting facial range

    Thanks for the help :) I emailed and have been given permission to use the eve taylor images and I have also bought some images from fotolia that I can use for my site.
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    Hi, Welcome to the site. From what you say you are already qualified in acrylic nails, this means you could start off offering these to your clients and get insured to do nails. You can get insurance through various companies, I personally use professional beauty for insurance . If you can build...
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    Photos for promoting facial range

    I have just received my eve taylor facial products ready to open up my beauty room in June. The thing i would like to know is where others using eve taylor get their images for there websites? Do you have to email eve taylor direct? Please help me as my site is currently looking very bare...
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    Toma Nail Colours

    Mad beauty do them, I used to use them at a salon I worked in and actually bought some to start up my beauty business. Welcome to Mad Beauty
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    Web sites

    I built my own website using I found it really easy to work, I am ok on computers but I wouldnt ever say im a computer wizz lol. You can have a free site on moonfruit but it will have adverts on from other companies (and if you dont buy a domain name then your site will have...
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    Mobile wedding make-up artist required

    Hi, I do makeup but I am near Blackpool. I dont know anybody who does hair and makeup but I know of a makeup artist (through another site) who is based near Stockport. Her name is Charlotte and her website is flutter bridal make-up hope this is of some help to you.
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    Beauty room...What do you think?

    Thanks ditzy, she said it includes all rates water electricity etc. I have to buy my own products and equipment but to be honest I have most of the equipment anyway. I think I will phone her tommorow and tell her I am interested in taking on the room. I have set aside some money for marketing...
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    Beauty room...What do you think?

    Well, I went to see the beauty room yesterday, it needs sorting out though, the lady is going to re-do the ceiling and put a wooden floor in if I decide to take it. She said I can do tanning there but as they already have a spray tan room set up I would use that, they use Urban Tan so I would...