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  1. Jollyon

    Any Calgel Techs in Brighton? I have a client for you!

    Hi Geeks, A very regular client of mine will be flitting between London and Brighton, due to work commitments. Are there any Calgel Technicians that would be interested in covering her for infill appointments when she is in Brighton? She has a NNO French (No.43 pink and Comp white) and has...
  2. Jollyon


    Firstly I do not want this thread to become a discussion or for it to be deleted, perhaps a mod would be kind enough to lock it and leave it for a day or two. deleted to be fair to all sides! francesXXX is sad to have been banned, as she says; "I wouldn't be where I am today without this...
  3. Jollyon

    Would you use MMA? Are you tempted?

    Just wondering how many of you out there have thought about using MMA? Considering how clients 'rave' about how strong the nails are and how quickly they are done and how long they last, would you prefer to make more money and have more returning clients?
  4. Jollyon

    Most Annoying Pop Songs.....

    ......Talk about annoying, not the pop songs though!! If anyone else is or has watched this before do you not find the 'z' list celebs and critics comments more annoying than the chosen songs, which in most cases are actually classics!!