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    NVQ L3...Where can I do it in London?

    I really need to do this course...does anybody know where I can do it in North or West London..Its driving me crazy trying to find a course!! x

    New Shellac colours

    Does anyone know when the new collection is out? My clients are gagging for it! Xx

    Flirties or Lash Xpert?

    Which ones guys, Im not that knowledgable about lashes at all, so some help please!!

    1 day event

    Wednesday 3rd Feb Mini manicures 8am to 7pm £250 call Zarra 07852 682733

    NVQ3 Nails in London?

    Does anyone know of any colleges/learning centres etc that does NVQ3 Nail extensions? I've been searching on and off for about 6 months and everytime I think I've found somewhere they don't do L3 or have discontinued it! Any info? x

    Manicurists Wanted x2

    Hours 9am to 11.30 £60 Please call me on 07852 682 733 or email me

    Good clubs in Manchester

    Hi, So it's my 30th next week and me and my sisters are thinking Manchester for the weekend. We've never been before so would like to know where the good clubs are...we listen to Funky house and RnB, but really can't stand hard/electro house. Any suggestions? Cheers x:)

    Encasing 3D with Popits

    Has anyone tried putting a popit over 3d work? I'm thinking white/clear tip, 3d work and thin layer of acrylic in popit...yay or nay?:confused:

    Ezflow colour drops

    Does anyone know if Ezflow still does these? I saw them but can't find where to buy them...x
  10. TIRNAK

    Washing Up Gloves!!

    So...this has been a nightmare for years for me...we tell our clients to wear gloves when they do wash up etc...I personally cannot wash up without gloves but everytime I go to Tesco I have to buy a new pair. I get through a pair a week, my nails just go through the tips after about five or six...
  11. TIRNAK

    These flippin' Nail art canes

    ARGHHH!!! How do you get these things to lay flat or mould to the nail. I've just done a lovely apple green L&P and added the fruit canes inbetween (thin layer acrylic, added canes,built up apex etc). I was getting all excited thinking how good its gonna look and now I have a watermelon...